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    Landslides Happened Again, Jakarta Bandung Railway Trip is Interrupted


    BANDUNG - The train trip to Bandung-Jakarta and vice versa was disturbed this weekend, Saturday (12/15) due to a landslide that eroded the railroad foundation.

    "Alhamdulillah, the swift and fast handling of the Daop 2 team went well and at 15.20 WIB, KA 23 namely KA Argo Parahyangan for Jakarta was the first train to pass through the location. When the disturbance occurred, for the safety of train travel, PT KAI checked it so that it affected the train trip. We submit an apology for the disruption of the convenience of train users today. There was a landslide around the bridge between Cikadongdong Station and Rendeh Station, so that several trains that would pass through our location hold their trips at the nearest station, "said the Public Relations Manager of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) in Operational Area 2 Bandung, Joni Martinus.

    Landslide conditions are known based on reports from the Additional Argo Parahyangan Train Engineer passing at Km 133 + 4/5 between Cikadongdong Station and Rendeh Station at 12:45 WIB.

    Receiving this report, the Daop 2 immediately made repairs and temporarily stopped the train operations that would pass through the location. According to Joni, there are 5 train trips that are stuck, namely 2 Argo Parahyangan trains to Jakarta and 3 Argo Parahyangan trains to Bandung.

    "For the sake of the safety of train travel, several trains are held at the nearest station. Therefore there will be delays in arrival and departure towards Jakarta or vice versa, "Joni added.

    Joni said that in this rainy season all ranks of Daop 2 were on standby. This is related to the condition of the railroad in Daop 2 which passes through areas that have extreme rainfall so that it has the potential to disrupt train travel, such as flooding, landslides, or collapse. For this reason, PT KAI Daop 2 has been on standby 24 hours in several locations to anticipate interruptions in train travel. Jo

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