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    Boost Reading Interest, West Java Provincial Government Launches "Kolecer" & "Candil"


    BOGOR CITY - West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) gave special attention to the survey results which stated that reading interest of Indonesian people was still relatively low. The Indonesian reading index is only 0.001, meaning that from 1,000 Indonesians there is only one person who has an interest in reading a book.

    This data comes from Unesco published in the Sragen Post news 07/09/2015. In addition, according to a survey by Central Connecticut State University in New Britain in the news Media Indonesia edition 30/08/2016 placed Indonesia ranked 60th out of 61 countries related to reading interest.

    Therefore, to increase public reading interest through easy access to information and alternative reading places, the West Java Provincial Library and Archives Office (Dispusipda) launches the Street Library or called Kolecer (Smart Literacy Box) and Candil (Maca Dina Digital Library). This program is one of the 100 days work program for the Governor of West Java.

    "The reading interest of Indonesians tends to be low, our people do not like to read and do not like to write," said West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil when launching Kolecer and Candil in Taman Sempur, Jl. Sempur No. 1, Bogor City, Saturday (12/15/18).

    "Therefore, we will make that change through a literacy movement where all parties must participate," he continued.

    Emil, the nickname of Ridwan Kamil, added that Kolecer and Candil were also expected to be able to increase the reading interest of the millennial generation who were confined to technology devices. Where in the virtual world there is a lot of information circulating that is difficult to guess the benefits and harm.

    "Millennials now have the results of their surveys preferring to spend their time via cellphones, so there are concerns that are read are things that are not useful because there are also negative information," Emil explained.

    Kolecer is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding from Bank BJB. For the initial stage, Kolecer will be deployed in 27 districts / cities throughout West Java and 600 points as a target for the next 5 (five) years. While the making of Candil's digital library application is currently under development and can be used in January 2019.

    "I entrusted to the head of this region is an investment, one day those affected by positive things will become successful leaders because of what we do today," Emil said.

    Through creativity, this collector can be placed anywhere in a community or community gathering place. In the village or village, the Kolecer can be placed in the village hall. While in urban areas it can be placed on sidewalks and parks.

    "Make the library a community playground, a gathering place for the community but surrounded by books," Emil asked.

    "And I urge the regional head to make the community smart at all levels. Translate this in a policy," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Head of the National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando who was present at this launch event, stated his readiness to synergize with West Java regarding the implementation of library activities.

    "We are very supportive and happy with this program. Finally we find leaders who want to bring the book closer to the people," Syarif said.

    "We are ready to work together with West Java," he said.

    Syarif explained that the substance of literacy was four. First, is the ability to gather sources of reading material so that people get what they should get to solve a problem.

    "This is the first step in the level of literacy," he explained.

    Second, is the ability to understand what is implied by what is written. This can lead people to understand something so smart, so they are not fooled and fooled.

    "The third is the ability to find new ideas, new ideas, new theories, and the ability to solve problems," said Syarif.

    Fourth, the substance of literacy is the ability of a country to create goods and services. So, to distinguish between developed and underdeveloped countries can be seen from the level of passion of the people in reading.

    "The difference in the level of interest of a country in reading will cause a degree of difference in literacy skills. And it is the level of ability of literacy that will distinguish the level of ability to produce goods and services. he said.

    At this launch event, there was also the inauguration of the Bogor City Literacy Mother Yanne Ardian by the West Java Literacy Mother Atalia Praratya, and the signing of a joint agreement on the Implementation of Library Affairs between the Governor of West Java and the Regent / Mayor in West Java

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