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    West Java Provincial Government Appreciates Art and Culture Leaders


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government gives an appreciation to some of the people of West Java who have committed themselves to art and culture by giving Cultural Award awards to 4 people / institutions who have contributed in the arts and culture that have made West Java proud.

    The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil said, tonight is a historic night for some of us because the people of West Java have chosen to give a high sense of appreciation to individuals who have committed themselves to the arts and culture in life.

    "The hardest thing is consistency or to Istiqomah. So these four figures have shown from a span of life to provide examples of consistent love for what is loved and believed in expressing one gift from Allah SWT, namely expressing cultural aesthetics in various expressions," he said

    According to the Governor, in living this life, never measure to look for awards, but if there is an award, it means more to the symbol of progress, the occurrence of privileges that we get.

    "Life is a work, never in order to look for awards, this is also what I have been doing so far, working not to look for awards, but if there is an award it means that it is a symbol of progress, this is a symbol of privilege," he said.

    Governor invites the public to love what we do and do what we love because the results are privileges, honor and glory.

    "So today I believe that he really does not need an award for doing what he loves," said the Governor, at the Cultural Award award ceremony at the Gedung Sate West Hall on Friday (12/14). (Parno)

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