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    Deputy Governor of Uu: Youth Care for National Disaster


    TASIKMALAYA - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum opened the Training on Building Disaster Response Volunteers, at the Mangunreja Scout Building in Tasikmalaya Regency on Friday (12/14/18).

    The activity, which was initiated by the West Java National Youth Kirab Provincial Main Task Force, will take place December 14-16 2018.

    Human values, said the Deputy Governor of Uu, need to be upheld in an effort to strengthen togetherness and build harmony in people's lives.

    "Humanity is present in the hearts of all siblings, make good intentions, in the implementation of disaster response, I order to straighten out the intention because of Allah SWT, strengthen determination in the disaster response shari'a," said Deputy Governor of West Java.

    Youth hopes for the nation, Uu continued, it must have social values, humanity, and a sense of love for others. With that character, youth can be present as the glue of the nation.

    The values ??of volunteers must be accompanied by commitment and contribution in creating positive changes in the environment. With the principle of volunteerism as a form of social responsibility as individuals, as citizens, as citizens, and as citizens of the world.

    So Uu also advised dozens of trainees to take part in solemn activities, solemnly.

    "Be a disaster response person with a sincere heart," he said.

    Even if you already have the ability, continued Uu, it must be practiced and transmitted the capabilities possessed to the next generation, so that it becomes useful knowledge.

    Head of West Java Province's Full Pasma Youth Adviser DPD Yusuf Iskandar said that in the training the youth would be provided with disaster knowledge.

    "Starting from early detection, evacuation to emergency response knowledge," he said.

    It is hoped that the presence of these disaster response youths can support other volunteer groups. Because more and more volunteers mean more and more care about disasters.

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