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    Secretary of Iwa Hopes Teachers Now Start Literacy Technology


    BANDUNG, West Java Regional Secretary (Sekda), Iwa Karniwa, said that education is an investment in the future, both for individuals, society and the state as the key to successful development growth. So the teacher's role is very important in creating quality resources.

    For this reason, Iwa appreciates Bank BJB in giving awards for dedication, commitment and endeavors made by teachers in West Java and Banten Provinces. Through the program "Draw the Bjb Love of Teachers" at El Royale Panghegar Hotel Jl. Merdeka, Bandung, Friday (12/14/18).

    Iwa said that the challenges of the teachers going forward were even more severe with the advent of the 4.0 industrial revolution. The era where changes in the manufacturing industry are integrated with online systems. So professional teachers are needed, able to keep up with the times, especially industrial digitalization and e-commerce.

    "Teachers are able to take advantage of the progress of information technology that is superfast. "In improving the quality of the teaching and learning process in each education unit in order to prepare superior human resources with global competencies," he continued.

    But as a note, Iwa said that the biggest contributors to unemployment were graduates of SMK. Because the teaching and learning process in theory and practice is not in accordance with work reports in the field. This is a problem in West Java that must be repaired together.

    "So that the future steps of the West Java Provincial Education Office will cooperate between Vocational Schools and Astra. And all graduates are expected to be absorbed by Astra, "he said.

    "These strategic steps are what we will continue to develop in the future, so that we will not become producers of unemployment," he said.

    The Secretary of the Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Putra Wisnuaji, said that education is a shared responsibility between the government, the community and parents. Whereas according to UUD Number 23, education is the duty of the central government and regional government.

    "So we really hope that the central government and the local government will jointly complete a lot of homework. Especially in improving the quality and welfare of teachers, "he said.

    Bank BJB's Senior Executive Vice President for Commercial and MSME, Beny Riswandi, said that teachers have a very important role in the world of education. Then this award is a form of love for teachers who have educated and taught, so as to produce competitive human resources.

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