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    Herman Suherman Becomes Acting. Regent of Cianjur, Supendi Acting. Regent of Indramayu


    BANDUNG - The Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs officially appointed Deputy Regent of Cianjur Herman Suherman to become Acting. Regent of Cianjur. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil submitted the Minister of Home Affairs Letter and the West Java Governor's News form regarding this matter, at Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung City, Friday (12/14/18).

    "The wheels of government and development in West Java cannot stop at all. There are two events whose letter just came down. I am here speaking of capacity as a representative of the Central Government, "Emil said, as Ridwan Kamil was met after the event.

    Emil requested that the appointment of Acting. this is immediately followed up, so that there is a definitive legal decision. In addition, all parties in Cianjur were also urged to maintain conduciveness in the region.

    "And I appeal to maintain conduciveness, Forkopimda please help. "Also please ASN to serve the Cianjur community without any obstacles, then I also entrust the Cianjur community with conduciveness, do not do excessive expressions," Emil asked.

    In addition, on this occasion Emil also handed over the Decree of the Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs (Kepmendagri) regarding the dismissal of Regent Indramayu Anna Sophana and the appointment of Deputy Regent of Indramayu Supendi to become Acting. Regent of Indramayu per day. Anna resigned from her position because she wanted to focus on family.

    Then after these ten days, in accordance with the prevailing mechanism and rules, the Indramayu Regency DPRD must send a letter to propose the appointment of Deputy Regent to be the definitive Regent of Indramayu until the remaining term of office of 2021.

    "We express our gratitude for all the dedication while being the Regent of Indramayu," he said.

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