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    West Java Governor Launches Maghrib Mengaji


    SUKABUMI-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil launched the Maghrib Mengaji Program, at the Grand Mosque of the City of Sukabumi, Thursday (12/13/18) afternoon.

    Maghrib This study is part of the 10 West Java Nationality Program which was discussed by Governor Ridwan Kamil with scholars and scholars of the West Java Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

    The activity of reciting and reading the Koran in the mosque after performing the evening prayer, has indeed been a tradition and culture of Indonesian Muslims for a long time. But as the development of the era of good tradition has begun to fade. After Maghrib, mosques are usually only filled with parents. While children and teenagers prefer to spend time playing the device.

    "We have to be successful parents, there are some characteristics of successful parents. First, our children must be smarter than their parents, grandchildren must be healthier than their parents, our children are more prosperous more prosperous. So let us gather competing in kindness, "said Governor Ridwan Kamil, at the Great Mosque of Sukabumi City on Thursday (12/13/18).

    Quoting a study from Digital GFK Asia, Indonesians spend at least 4-5 hours per day carrying out their device screens.

    While that is seen, continued the Governor, usually humor, things "loose change", and mere vanity. What a danger, if what is seen is negative examples, hoaxes, and provocations that can damage morale to divide the nation.

    So explicitly, the Regional Government of West Java Province, continued Emil, calls the Governor, having an idea that reads "West Java is Born Inner Champion." Because, Emil did not want West Java to only advance in worldly development, but also in the matter of moral, religious, and spiritual affairs.

    "There is no order from the state to order the law specifically for the affairs of the Koran. But as a Muslim leader, I want, I and my citizens will be safe in the world and will be remembered later," he said.

    So that the Maghrib Mengaji program, said Emil, is expected to be able to print the human Pancasila who are cautious through strengthening mosques as the center of civilization.

    Furthermore, Emil continued, his party would make a circular letter to other areas in West Java to maximize tens of thousands of mosques in West Java to move this program. Until one day in West Java, there were no more illiterate people of the Koran.

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