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    Food Prices are Stable Ahead Long Holidays


    BANDUNG - The West Java Food Task Force Team made a sudden inspection (sidak) to the Kosambi Market Bandung, Thursday (12/13/2018). The Task Force Team includes the Police, Military Commander III Siliwangi, Prov. Food and Animal Husbandry Service. West Java, Provincial Office of Industry and Trade West Java, Provincial Office of Food Crops and Horticulture West Java, Fisheries and Marine Service Prov. West Java, as well as the National Logistics Agency.

    The results of the inspection show that the price of staple food is still stable, there is no significant price increase. Premium quality rice still ranges in price from 12,000 rupiah per kilogram. Similarly, refined sugar is still stable at 12,000 rupiah per kilogram. Whereas chicken eggs rose by one thousand rupiah to 25,000 rupiah per kilogram.

    Based on the findings, the Regional Secretary (Regional Secretary) Prov. West Java Iwa Karniwa calls on people not to panic about food prices or stock. Iwa said, he would continue to monitor the development of food needs both from producers, distributors to consumers.

    "To all people of West Java, calm down, buy (staple food) as needed, no need to panic," said Iwa met after the inspection.

    "The prices of Alhamdulillah are relatively reasonable, and we from the provincial government will continue to monitor, both from producers and also distribution and consumers," he said.

    Secretary of Iwa also said that food availability is still sufficient. If there is an increase in prices and scarcity of goods, it will support it with additional supplies. As with the demand for corn which tends to increase in the market, Iwa said it had prepared supplies through cooperation with PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) and several other agencies.

    West Java Regional Police Chief Agung Budi Maryoto, who led this inspection, said that related to the price of a thousand rupiahs egg, the task force team will search from the distributor. He revealed, his party was ready to take an investigation if there were indications of monopoly manipulation and practice.

    "If it is because of the market mechanism, it is not a problem. But if there are indications of manipulation, monopoly, then we will take steps to investigate," Agung said.

    Agung also explained, the results of checking several random samples on chicken meat, beef, fish, rice and meatballs in Kosambi Market did not find food with a mixture of hazardous chemicals.

    "I emphasize, the provincial food task force team will be assisted by the TNI and monitor. Like last year, Alhamdulillah West Java was all available (safe stock), free of poisons (hazardous chemicals), and the price is still normal," he said.

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