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    Secretary Iwa Opened National Seminar on "Innovation Towards Corporate University"


    CIMAHI-Regional Secretary (Sekda) Prov. West Java Iwa Karniwa officially opened a national seminar entitled "Innovation Towards Corporate University", which was initiated by the Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) of West Java Province, on the campus of BPSDM Jabar Jl. Colonel Matsuri Cipageran Cimahi, Thursday (12/13/18).

    This seminar was held in the framework of debriefing to the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), in order to increase the capacity and competence in accordance with the demands of globalization and debureaucratization of government administration, especially in the face of the fourth era of the industrial revolution, better known as the industrial revolution 4.0. As many as 200 ASN representatives from various agencies throughout Indonesia attended this seminar.

    In his remarks, the Secretary of Iwa assessed that there needs to be a major change in the management of ASN, especially with regard to increasing ASN capacity and competence. Thus, he said, it is not surprising that the government has stipulated Government Regulation Number 11 of 2017 concerning the management of civil servants, and Government Regulation Number 49 of 2018 concerning Government Employees with Work Agreements (P3K), that the right to develop competence is at least 20 Study Hours (JP) for civil servants and 24 JP for first aid.

    "This policy will certainly not be achieved optimally if competency development activities still use old methods, but must be done more recently that is adaptive to changing times," said Iwa.

    Regarding institutional strengthening, Iwa said that the West Java Provincial Government saw best practices in several agencies, and private companies were interested in developing and making BPSDM West Java a corporate university. For Iwa, this has become a necessity for the West Java Provincial Government to answer the challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0 and the challenges of globalization today.

    Iwa also explained that corporate universities have advantages over ordinary training institutions, especially in terms of flexibility of activities, methods and forms of competency development activities and the quality and quantity of employees who can participate in competency development activities. This is in accordance with the West Java provincial government policy that requires that competency development activities are no longer business as usual.

    "I see BPSDM West Java Province has begun to move towards it. Starting from planning competency development based on the gap (gap) of individual PNS competencies," said Iwa.

    "At the implementation level, BPSDM of West Java Province will implement e-learning starting in 2019, as well as supporting infrastructure and infrastructure is very maximal. So it is not difficult if we encourage BPSDM West Java Province to become a corporate university." he said.

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