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    Asian Games and Asian Paragames Athletes 2018 West Java, Accept "Kadedeuh"


    BANDUNG, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil handed over the Award from the West Java Provincial Government to the 18th Asian Games and Asian Para Games Contestes, Trainers and Members of the Third Asia Games from West Java, at the Grand Hotel Pasundan Bandung on Thursday (13 / 12/18).

    "Today, we are sharing a" gift "bonus with altlet-athletes for the Asian Games and Paragames 2018, why is it only now? It must be budgeted according to the rules, so apologize only now," explained Governor Ridwan Kamil.

    The Governor revealed his pride in the achievements and achievements of the athletes. He mentioned that from a number of medals won by Indonesia at the 2018 Asian Games, most of them were collected by West Java athletes.

    "Spectacular was also at the Asian Paragames event, out of all the medals obtained, half were from West Java athletes. That shows the quality of sports in West Java is extraordinary, with extraordinary size at the Asian level," added Emil, the Governor's nickname.

    As is known, a total of 929 Asian Games athletes from Indonesia, 175 are athletes from West Java. With a total medal obtained by Indonesia, 98 medals consisted of 31 gold medals, 24 silver medals and 43 bronze medals. The medal gain by West Java athletes in the event was as many as 73 medals from several sports.

    While for the 3rd Asian Para Games 2018, out of a total of 146 athletes from Indonesia with 135 medals in total. At this event, at least Jabar paralympic athletes contributed 16 gold from 37 gold medals won by Indonesia.

    So that the presence of athletes and coaches from West Java in both events has significantly contributed to the achievements of the Indonesian contingent.

    The total bonus given by the West Java Government is approximately Rp. 8 billion. It is a combination of provincial budget funds, bank bjb, and also from private donations. With details of IDR 6.1 billion from the Provincial Government and the rest from other parties.

    Emil also reminded the recipients of "kadedeuh", so as not to always take advantage of the sustenance earned for consumptive matters. But in order to try to be used for productive things such as business capital, or other things that can improve the family economy.

    "If there is fortune, don't always be" euphoric ", but try investing. Don't mismanage fortune," the governor ordered.

    "Do not see how much it is, but our love for athletes who are inspiring and a hero for the people of West Java," he continued.

    Regarding the achievements, the Governor advised that athletes not be complacent. But keep trying to improve achievement. Because there are still many events, and strikes are waiting for the athletes to fight.

    Emil also wants, there is a "blueprint" of superior West Java people who are embedded in the athletes, that is, every individual must have, Faith (SQ), Science (IQ), Attitude, Healthy (PQ). Governor Emil hopes that the blueprint will be on every athlete.

    "The biggest enemy is ourselves, next. The greatest energy in life is belief. Belief in religion, in ideas, in achieving achievements, if humans do not have faith, then they have no purpose," he said.

    While to the relevant stakeholders, the Governor gave direction to start developing "Sport science". It is the application of science principles to help improve sports performance.

    Where, in general there are three fields in sport science, namely: physiology, psychology, and biomechanics. Physiology, in sport science learns how the body responds and adapts to the exercise that it undergoes.

    While Psychology in sport science, studies the mind of the athlete to find out how his motivation, self-confidence, and emotions can influence the behavior of athletes in sports. Also Biomechanics in sport science, deals with the analysis of the mechanics of body movements.

    "Shifting sports orientation to sport science. My hope, please be presented as soon as possible," said Emil.

    Meanwhile, Head of the West Java Youth and Sports Agency (Dispora), Yudha Munajat Saputra said, athletes are currently preparing for the 2019 Philippines SEA Games and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

    "They are pursuing a score and ranking for the qualifying round. Many West Java athletes are TC including coaches," he said.

    According to the Governor's direction, in the near future, he also plans to hold a Sport Science seminar. In the hope of being able to score high-performing athletes.

    "So there will be a Sport Science seminar to achieve the high performance of these athletes," he said.

    "Hopefully the award will motivate athletes, administrators so that they can be better, and West Java is a good winner of the International Hjngga national event," Yudha hoped.

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