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    Election Supervision Board: There are Election Rules for West Java Civil Servant


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the West Java Bawaslu Abdullah Dahlan explained there are some limitations that must be considered by the ASN in the 2019 Election, including not being involved in the winning team, not taking actions or decisions that can benefit one election participant, so that they do not show political attitudes, either open or through symbols.

    "In fact, when referring to the Kemenpan-RB Circular Letter, responding to what was uploaded on the social media of the election participants was only prohibited," Abdullah told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (12/12/2018)

    Abdullah said his side would also monitor the behavior of ASN related to the 2019 election. For this reason, the West Java Bawaslu will work together with the National Police Crime Headquarters Team to monitor ASN activities on social media to anticipate things that are inappropriate for ASN, such as raising ethnic, religious issues , race, and intergroup (SARA), utterances of hatred, to the spread of hoaxes.

    "Monitoring of social media is our concern, so that all potential election violations can be suppressed," he said

    If these restrictions are violated, Abdullah continued, ASN must be prepared to accept sanctions according to Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning Elections, ranging from criminal sanctions to employment sanctions.

    "We are ready to recommend sanctions to the ASN Commission and the Inspectorate for violating the ASN," he concluded (Pun)

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