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    Emil: BJB Director Must Help MSMEs


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said the replacement of the president director of Bank BJB had been approved in the LB GMS held on Tuesday (11/12). He hopes BJB will choose a new director who is able to help West Java's economic growth, especially to help MSMEs.

    "BJB bank loans for MSMEs are still 5 percent of the total. I want a minimum of 40 percent. Well, I want the future Director of BJB to be able to realize it," he said after the LB RUPS.

    He said there was a new vision for Bank BJB going forward, namely strengthening the economy of West Java. As a Regional Development Bank, BJB Bank has been maximal in performance, but it needs to be encouraged by regional banks to help develop local infrastructure in West Java.

    "There should be no vacancies, so it will be held first. We want those who have experience in the field of development or micro to give a new color to BJB," said the Governor.

    He added that West Java is ready to buy all the shares that will be released by the Banten Provincial Government 100 percent. But according to him it will be discussed with the DPRD.

    "There are 5 percent of Banten shares, maybe around 300 billion, we are ready to buy 100 percent. But other districts also want to buy, this is good stuff, so the division will be discussed later," he said. Jo

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