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    Placement of Sponsor Logo Must Comply With Regulations


    BANDUNG-PB PON XIX/2016 invited a contingent of PON XIX and Peparnas XV 2016 to put sponsor logo in each costume of participants.

    But according to the Supervisory Team and Steering Committee of PON XIX / 2016 Soewarno, in the placement of sponsor logo, each contingent must follow regulations has been set and maintain its aesthetics.

    "The placement of sponsor logo and messages should not out of the rules, such as it should not be used at the procession of opening and closing ceremonies to keep harmony and aesthetics of PON implementation," he said.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Central Sports Committee (KONI), Suratman stated PB PON West Java has full rights related to the placement of sponsor logo that must be supported and respected by each region.

    "Each region must have understood what should be done about the placement of sponsor logo," he said.





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