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    2019, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Obtains a Budget Allocation of Rp110 Trillion


    BANDUNG - Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljanto said this year the development prognosis had reached around 83 percent, while next year a budget of Rp110 trillion had been prepared.

    "I will focus on completing the program that has been programmed until the end of this year, the prognosis has reached 83 percent," he said on the sidelines of the 73rd Public Service Day event at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (3/11).

    Meanwhile for the upcoming 2019, he mentioned that he had already received a budget allocation of IDR 110 trillion, which is the largest allocation among other ministries in the Indonesia Cabinet.

    "The budget is used for infrastructure development throughout Indonesia and also given a mandate to support the mission of strengthening human resources and the economy of the community. For example, through the construction of schools, economic centers such as the main market and also madrasas, "he said.

    He stressed the need to increase the competence of PUPR human resources who are competent, honest and firm in carrying out the program rules and plans.

    "Not just calculating for and loss in building, but building connectivity, unite Indonesia. Provide a decent place to live, create food security and also water, "he explained.

    He emphasized that creative ideas are needed to accelerate development, research and need modern technology to obtain quality, fast and inexpensive products.

    "Not just to fulfill basic needs, but to encourage national competitiveness. This clearly requires strong leadership. So I ask that all Public Works Agency become infrastructure managers, "he said. jo

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