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    First, Ridwan Kamil Opens the LB Bank RUPS bjb


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, opened the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPS LB) of the Regional Development Bank of West Java and Banten (bjb) in 2018, at the Aryaduta Hotel Bandung, Tuesday (11/12/2018).

    Governor Ridwan Kamil highly appreciates the proud performance of BJB. "First we were very happy with the performance of the Board of Directors. The growth was very rapid, assets increased and so on. So we appreciated the performance of the Directors and the Board of Commissioners," said the Governor.

    In addition to good growth, the Governor revealed, he wanted to give an injection of new enthusiasm for the bjb at the GMS this time. The injection is the spirit to build West Java.

    Emil, the Governor used to be called, wants the bjb to not forget the "khittah" as a development bank. "We are shareholders, with this extraordinary cost, entrusting there is a new vision, namely strengthening as a development bank. So far, BJB is cool for consumers, but these cities / regencies need loans from this BJB to build bridges, markets, and other things that have been lacking, even though the Regional Development Bank (BPD), or the term Development Bank, we have entrusted this new vision to become a new concept of building BJB, "said the Governor.

    The governor reminded that the bjb was not complacent on its rapid progress in the "consumer market" sector. However, there are micro and development sectors which should be the main concern for BJB.

    In addition, Emil also hopes that the bjb will be in the vision and mission of West Java, especially regarding poverty alleviation.

    "Let us discuss, we in West Java have been intrigued. The base is only in mosques, so that the poor enough to come to this mosque make it easier for citizens and can eliminate loan sharks," said the Governor.

    So, he hoped, bjb could become a welfare bank for West Java people starting from the micro, medium and large levels. So that the bjb is very glorified in the hearts of the people, both small people and big business people.

    See the current trends with the proliferation and proliferation of finance companies with various ways of working, which are done offline or online. Not to forget, the Governor appealed to the bjb to optimize innovation with "financial technology" (fintech). So that bjb is able to adapt in various situations and dynamics.

    "It must be more technologically sophisticated, and more embracing," he said.

    Banten Provincial Government Release Shares

    At this AGM, the Governor revealed the release of shares from the Banten Provincial Government. Then, continued Emil, the West Java Provincial Government was interested in filling out the opportunity.

    "Because this is a 'good item', a good company, so we will buy the shares released by the Banten Government. Why is it released? Because the Banten government already has its own bank, so it is," he said.

    "The value is around 5 percent, around 300 billion. All want it, so West Java must share it. While the Province is ready 100 percent but because others are also interested, we discuss it first with the council," Emil added.

    Because this is a unique bank, continued Emil, where the shareholders are not free individuals, but the Regional Government has a budgeting schedule.

    So, he said, as soon as possible the purchase of shares, will be carried out in the budget of change approximately around October, September, November 2019. Regarding the name, after negotiating at the GMS, it will remain with the Regional Development Bank of West Java and Banten (bjb) until the time the party itself determines.

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