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    MQK, The Way West Java Grows Interest in Millennials Learn the Book of Yellow


    BANDUNG, West Java Provincial Government held Musabaqah Qira'atil Polar (MQK) in West Java Province in 2018. This event is expected to foster the interest of the millennial generation to study the Kitab Kuning.

    Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum accompanied by Assistant for Governance, Law and Social Welfare of the Regional Secretariat of West Java Province (Secretariat of West Java Province) Dady Iskandar, Plt. Provincial Secretariat of Social Service and Development Bureau West Java Sonny Samsu Adisudarma, and Head of Islamic Boarding Schools in West Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion, Abubakar Shidiq, officially opened the 2018 West Java MQK at the Asd Pusdai Hall, Jl. Diponegoro No. 63, Bandung City, Monday night (12/10/18).

    Not only being a place of friendship among boarding schools, MQK is also expected to be able to foster the interest of the younger generation to learn the Book of Yellow. Uu thinks that the younger generation currently knows little about pesantren and Kitab Kuning.

    "This activity is expected to increase the interest of young people to learn the Kitab Kuning in Salafiyah pesantren," hoped Uu to be met after the opening ceremony.

    "Because lately Salafiyah pesantren have decreased in number," he added.

    The MQK participants were santri from pesantren in 27 districts / cities in West Java. There are three categories that are contested, namely the Polar Tilawatil Musabaqah, the Hafidzul Kutub, and the Indonesian Speech.

    Kitab Kuning is a part of Islamic scientific literature that holds a very rich intellectual heritage. This book discusses from the basic issues to the principal issues such as, dogma, Islamic law to state administration.

    In addition, in the Kitab Kuning there are academic traditions that often present a variety of different and even different views. Where each of these views has the basis of their respective arguments, then comes a conclusion. Academic traditions such as this are believed to be able to foster a moderate religious outlook.

    The first MQK title will be held from December 10-13, 2018. Unmitigated, not only will the winners get coaching money, but there are also other prizes, namely cars, motorbikes, and Umrah.

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