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    Papuan KKB Victims Arrive at West Java Regional Police


    BANDUNG-Irawan Maulana, survivors in the shooting tragedy by armed criminal groups (KKB) in Nduga, Papua, were welcomed by the family's sad cry when they arrived at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters on Tuesday (11/12/2018).

    The 22-year-old man had dropped out of contact with the family, until finally getting the information concerned he would be taken to the West Java Regional Police. The family who were waiting to pick up Irawan immediately hugged him while crying.

    In the middle of that moment, Irawan was grateful to be able to survive the shooting and thanked the TNI and Polri personnel who had saved him.

    Irawan himself claimed that he was still traumatized, and could not tell his experience to the media crew.

    "Thank you to members of the TNI and Polri who have released and repatriated me," he said

    As is known, Irawan is one of the survivors of the shooting of the KKB in Nduga District, Papua. For 8 months in Papua, Irawan was tasked with installing Telkom cables in one of the providers in the construction of PT Istaka Karya.

    Meanwhile, West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi Maryoto did not give much information. Agung said that Irawan's physical condition was very good. It's just that the recovery of trauma after the shooting incidents that occurred in Papua is very necessary.

    He will instruct the doctor from the West Java Regional Police to provide trauma healing services to Irawan. After that, Irawan will deliver to his residence in Papandak Village, Sukamenak Village, Wanaraja District, Garut Regency.

    "We will provide trauma healing to restore psychology. After that, we will take it to Garut," he concluded. (Even)

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