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    ITB Prepares Three Pathways for PMB 2019 Selection


    BANDUNG-Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) will open three selection paths for New Student Admissions for the 2019/2020 Academic Year. This was conveyed by the Executive Director of Management of Student Admission and Educational Cooperation, ITB Prof.Ir. Mindriany Syafila MS, Ph.D., In a press conference that took place at the Rapim A Room of Rektorar Building ITB, Jalan Tamansari no 64 Bandung, Monday (10/12).

    The three lines are National Selection of State University Students (SNMPTN), Joint Selection of State University Students (SBMPTN), and Independent Selection (SM) - ITB.

    As for the quota of each selection path, namely, for Faculties or Schools other than the Faculty of Art and Design (non-FSRD), ITB receives through the SNMPTN pathway (40%); SBMPTN (40%), and SM-ITB (20%). Then for the Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD), ITB received the SNMPTN pathway (30%), SBMPTN (40%), SM-ITB (30%).

    Different from the previous year, ITB opened Seleksi Mandiri with consideration of several conditions, the first was a change in the quota provisions for the number of applicants per school on the SNMPTN pathway. This will reduce the opportunity for potential students to be accepted at ITB through the SNMPTN pathway.

    Second, explained Prof. Mindriany, the implementation of the 2019 SBMPTN is entirely based on UTBK (Computer Based Writing Test), which is managed by the LTMPT (Institute for Entrance Test of State Universities). The Skills Examination for study programs in the field of Arts and Sports was abolished and replaced with a work portfolio / appearance as was done at the SNMPTN selection.
    And thirdly, there are potential and competent students who cannot be accepted at ITB through the SNMPTN and SBMPTN pathways because of mistakes in choosing faculties or schools.

    ITB has other special criteria in the selection process for prospective FSRD students related to creative potential and the ability to respond to stimulus spontaneously which can only be done through the Skill Test. The Independent Selection of ITB accommodates the implementation of the Skills Exam as a selection component to attract prospective students who meet these criteria.

    It is hoped that the Independent Selection of ITB will provide the 3rd opportunity for potential students and are competent to be able to study at ITB. "This selection is also expected to be able to increase the level of equal and fair opportunities for students from secondary schools both on Java and outside Java as part of ITB's role to encourage the advancement of national education, which studies in Java and outside Java," said Prof. Mindriany.

    Independent Selection (BC) - ITB in 2019 is conducted for student admissions to all Faculties or Schools in ITB. The implementation of SMB ITB is based on the desk evaluation using the assessment components as follows:

    1. UTBK results, academic achievements and other criteria for applicants to Faculties / Schools other than FSRD
    2. UTBK results, academic achievements and skills test results for applicants to FSRD.

    Requirements for SMB ITB Participants

    1. Have NISN (National Student Identification Number).
    2. Have academic achievement data recorded in the Student and School Data Base (PDSS) and / or take part in the 2019 SBMPTN (has a UTBK score).
    3. Not accepted as an ITB student candidate through the SNMPTN / SBMPTN selection pathway or ITB non-regular program selection in 2019.
    4. Especially for applicants to FSRD, take the Skill Test.
    5. Graduates in 2017 and 2018 can register for ITB as long as they take part in the SBMPTN in 2019.
    The 2019 High School ITB Registration Procedure is conducted online. Registration procedures and further information will be submitted later on the page http://usm.itb.ac.id. jo

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