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    West Java Coffee Export Market Must Be Expanded


    BANDUNG - Bank Indonesia Deputy Governor Rosmaya Hadi said coffee exports could add to foreign exchange because in the future coffee would become the national leading non-oil and gas export.

    "The potential for coffee exports is still extensive. Currently our coffee market is only Japan, Taiwan and the Netherlands, there are other countries but have not been taken seriously. BI will encourage the expansion of the coffee market," he said in the Bank Indonesia social program. in Pangalengan, Bandung Regency, West Java, Sunday (9/11).

    Head of BI West Java Doni P Yuwono said coffee consumption in Indonesia is still small, which is only one kilogram per capita per year while the world average consumption of coffee has reached 10 kilograms per year.

    "Even though Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer after Brazil, Vietnam and Ecuador. The condition is truly sad, considering that coffee plantation land is actually wider than the four countries, "he said.

    He added that Sumatra is still the biggest in production, West Java is only 0.5 tons per hectare. But there are 98 processed coffee industries in West Java that can absorb 23 thousand workers.

    "So besides increasing the economy, it is also able to absorb workers. This is what makes BI continue to encourage coffee production in West Java by making clustering, "he said.

    Moreover, West Java already has Local Regulation number 8 of 2013 which designates coffee as a strategic commodity. Uniquely, Bank Indonesia made a number of steps to help increase the production of premium coffee from Malabar.

    "Conducting market studies and mapping, assistance, bringing in foreign trainers to improve the quality of coffee, providing assistance for production equipment in the downstream and others," he said.

    But according to him there are still obstacles where coffee exporters from West Java are still few, more from Medan and Surabaya, even though the exported coffee comes from West Java.

    The Chairperson of Rahayu Malabar Gapoktan Pangalengan District, Bandung Regency Supriatna said that he planted coffee in an area of ??238 hectares by 211 members. Even though the annual production of Arabica coffee reaches 480 tons.

    "Our life is that my coffee farmers are getting better. Because in addition to producing, we can now process coffee beans to have added value," he said. jo

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