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    Ridwan Kamil Launching Digital Village


    INDRAMAYU - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil launched the Digital Village program in Puntang village, Losarang Subdistrict, Indramayu on Monday (12/10/2018). Digital village is a community empowerment program through the use of digital and internet technology in developing village potential, marketing and accelerating access and information services.

    "Today we show to the world that there are villages in Indramayu that have become national demonstrations of information from manual to digital," said the Governor who is familiarly called Emil.

    Emil revealed, the digital village will be developed to 5300 villages throughout West Java. Later all public services in the village will be digitalized, connected to wireless networks, have command centers, social media accounts for promotions and news, e-commerce systems and have applications that are in accordance with the character and economic potential of each village.

    "We started an inclusive digital vision to reduce inequality by starting a digital village program whose main economy is in fisheries for Puntang village," he said.

    Puntang Village has large fisheries potential, especially catfish, with a total pool area of ??22,000 hectares or 25,000 ponds. But having problems in the cultivation process, inadequate technology, the post-harvest process is not optimal and market access is difficult.

    For that, said Emil, through the application of e-Fishery as part of this program, the method of feeding catfish is scientifically regulated in time and amount on mobile farmers. A total of 225 catfish farmers in the village were also given assistance in the form of smartphones.

    "Later they will use the smartphone as a reference in sowing food," he said.

    So that feed efficiency occurs and the amount of harvest that is usually only 3-4 times per year can be 6 times. The impact of the people's economy will increase because it is predicted that the annual turnover of catfish sales in Indramayu from IDR 1 trillion will increase two-fold.

    In implementing this program, the West Java Provincial Government cooperates with various parties such as cooperation with PT Telkomsel to provide infrastructure and networks, applications from e-Fishery, PT Japfa for the provision of food, Bank BJB for capital assistance and Telkom University which will provide training to residents.

    Emil said, if this program had been implemented throughout West Java, the economy would increase rapidly and villagers would no longer need to migrate to the city.

    "Because we are going to go down to help infrastructure, which is called digital civilization. Village communities have to be technologically literate and this is a solution to improve the economy of rural communities," Emil said.

    On that occasion, the use of saung fishery technology was also inaugurated which served as a window for catfish cultivation, learning centers and increased product value.

    Deputy Regent of Indramayu, Supendi, who also attended said, a digital village program, one of which was implemented in digitizing fisheries, was a breakthrough to increase production and people's welfare. In Indramayu there are three centers of catfish farmers, namely in Losarang, Kandanghaur and Sindang sub-districts. The production of catfish in Indramayu in 2018 resulted in over 78 thousand tons and the value reached 1 trillion more or one third of the total number of the Indramayu Regional Budget.

    "Of our budget of Rp. 3.1 trillion, certainly not all of them can touch and empower people who are engaged in fish farming," Supendi said.

    "With this digital village, we hope that fish farming will be more passionate in the community and provide more motivation for other communities," he added.

    Meanwhile, CEO of e-Fishery, Gibran, said that technology is present not only to provide services but also to leap and accelerate behavior. So farmers who initially did not get the facilities that are usually felt by the urban community when this technology is relevant are around them and will become part of their daily lives.

    "So a digital village is an effort to reduce inequality by providing appropriate technology for fish farmers," Gibran said.

    Telkomsel Vice President Corporate Planning Andi Kristianto said the launch of the Digital Fishing Village in Indramayu was proof of Telkomsel's seriousness in developing the Internet of Things (IoT) to realize Digital Innovation Village in Indonesia. The development of this IoT ecosystem through the application of NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology.

    "NB-IoT technology utilizes the automatic fish feeder engine in fish ponds to improve feed efficiency and accelerate the fish harvest cycle. IoT is one of the important elements to support the Indonesian government's roadmap" Making Indonesia 4.0, "Andi said.

    Andi said, collaboration with other stakeholders in developing digital fishing villages in Indramayu could be m

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