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    The Deputy Governor of Uu Opened the Porseni 1 for the Extension of Religion in West Java


    BANDUNG - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum officially opened the 1st Sports and Arts Week (Porseni) of Religion Extension in West Java at the West Java Pencak Silat Sport Art Center, Arcamanik, Bandung, Saturday (12/08/18).

    This Porseni was attended by extension agents from the Islamic Religion Working Group (Pokjaluh) from 27 Pokjaluh Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion in West Java. There are two branches of sports that are contested namely Chess and Volleyball, as well as one branch of art namely Choir.

    In his remarks, Deputy Governor of Uu welcomed and supported the activities of this Porseni. This could be an arena of friendship among religious educators in West Java.

    "Hopefully there will be a good relationship between extension agents in West Java," he said.

    Through these religious educators, the Deputy Governor of Uu also hopes that religious instructors in West Java can be involved in accelerating West Java's vision and mission as a province of Inner Birth Champion. In addition, religious educators are also required to develop themselves through innovation in preaching, especially in the digital age like today.

    "So here I am asking the help of Islamic religious instructors to give faith and piety, to provide religious education to the people in West Java," Uu asked.

    "We want to be together - especially the religious educators for accelerated success in the framework of West Java Inner Born Champion," he said.

    Until now there are over 5,000 honorary extension workers and 834 religious educators with civil servant status in West Java.

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