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    West Java Becomes the Pioneer of Government Competency Certification in Indonesia


    CIMAHI-West Java Province was chosen as a pioneer province in the implementation of Government Competence Certification for Primary High Leadership and Primary Expert Lecturers. West Java Regional Secretary (Sekda) Iwa Karniwa officially opened the certification event held at BPSDM Jabar Ballroom Jl. Colonel Matsuri Cipageran, Cimahi City, Saturday (12/08/18).

    This certification was initiated by the Ministry of Home Affairs's Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM), and is a continuous effort to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism of government administration to ensure efficient development by prioritizing the interests of the people and oriented towards achieving national goals. Secretary of Iwa said, his party decided to propose West Java as a pilot project considering that West Java already has a Domestic Government Professional Certification Agency (LSP), and also more than 20 licensed competency assessors.

    "The West Java Provincial Government has West Java LSP PDN which according to the Ministry of Home Affairs includes LSP who are actively carrying out activities," said Iwa.

    "While for competency assessors, Alhamdulillah, based on data from BPSDM, West Java Province, there are around 22 people who have been licensed as competency assessors," he continued.

    Iwa assess this certification is important, because as the top leader in the organization must be the first person declared competent and officially recognized. He also planned that this certification would be followed in stages by all employees in the West Java provincial government.

    "We plan this certification activity to target administrators and supervisors within the West Java provincial government, so that in the future all West Java employees have government competency certificates," he hoped.

    Secretary of BPSDM Ministry of Home Affairs Dindin Wahidin said, previously there had been a certification trial in several regions in Indonesia, but eventually it decided to make West Java a pioneer and then it would be duplicated by other provinces. According to him, this certification is important as proof of formal legal recognition of the competencies possessed by individuals based on the achievement of individual competencies in accordance with the competency standards required in a particular job or position.

    "Later this will become a certificate of recognition for certain positions. (This certificate) Also becomes an ease in the selection and appointment of employee positions," he said.

    On this occasion, as many as 30 participants consisting of echelon 2 officials in the West Java provincial government participated in the certification. All participants will go through portfolio tests, oral tests, and demonstrations through presentations that will be displayed.

    Oral tests refer to government competencies as mandated in Law number 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government, which are related to the implementation of centralized policies, implementation of central government relations with regions, implementation of general governance, regional financial management, implementation of government affairs that are regional authorities, relations local government with the DPRD, as well as the implementation of governance ethics.

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