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    Exhibition Encourages More Productive Business Actors


    CITY OF CIREBON-Chairperson of the Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of West Java Province, Atalia Praratya Kamil opened the Weekend Market, held from December 7 to 8 2018 at Transmart Carefour Mall on Friday (12/07/18).

    Atalia said the purpose of this exhibition was to raise the cultural potential, artistic potential and potential related to products in the district / city in West Java. So according to him this could be a good example for other business actors.

    "Then we also see which business actors we need to encourage so that their needs are met. For example, there are some products that are already very good in packaging," he said.

    Furthermore, said Atalia, this exhibition is a form to improve competitiveness. The essence of each exhibition must contain several elements including those related to socialization, education, promotion and curation.

    "I am very proud of the 30 tenants who attended the exhibition. Describing the potential of each region which is full of uniqueness and diversity of West Javanese culture," he continued.

    Atalia also entrusts motivation for businesses who are still pursuing their careers. "Nothing is impossible. Everyone will start the first step before the next thousand steps. So in my opinion that when the opportunity is done as well as possible. Whatever happens, risk factors may exist but God willing, succumb to the eyes. "Be strong and tough and know how to strategize our dreams," he explained.

    The exhibition also held a competition with the accuracy of the best products from 27 districts / cities to represent West Java at the central level. Because in the near future the 2018 Dekranas Award will be held at the National level, so the winner will be included.

    Also held is the Regional Conference of Dekranasda, West Java province which is held once every 5 years, this time in the city of Cirebon precisely at the Aston Hotel. This Musda will convey how to understand the roles and functions of the regional administration for administrators. Then better understand what the program and timeline will be for 2019.

    It will also accommodate district / city aspirations related to potential and existing problems. "So that Dekranasda of West Java Province can map which business actors must be supported, improved and direct guidance," he said.

    Head of West Java Province's Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprises Office, Dudi Sudrajat Aburachim, said that Weekend Market is a series of Regional Decrees of Dekranasda in West Java. This exhibition features craft, fashion, accessories and culinary. It was attended by 18 districts / cities and 91 UMK participants.

    "The purpose of this exhibition is to encourage MSMEs in West Java to be competitive through their products," said Dudi.

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