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    Thousands of Hoax News Detected Successfully


    BANDUNG-In West Java, the police recorded thousands of reports or hoaxes or circulating hoaxes. Some of the perpetrators of the creation and dissemination of hoax information have now undergone legal proceedings.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that based on reports from the police, last year only hoaxes reached 5,700.

    "That is just what the police have verified. For example, news of kidnappings has increased. Even though only children have gone astray. The photos have been spread like kidnappers. Enlightening the community, especially parents. The perpetrators have been prosecuted," he said. / 11).

    He said the hoax was easy to attack the people of Indonesia because literacy was still low. The regency only reads the headlines without reading the entire contents, so that sometimes they catch wrong information and spread hoaxes.

    So one of the efforts that must be made to ward off hoaxes is to increase literacy, starting to read and write correctly. In addition, you must tabay, ask the authorities such as the Police or Jabar Saber Hoaks.

    "Information is too fast while the confirmation is slow, so hoaxes appear. Culture is lazy to read this must be resisted by increasing literacy reading," he added.

    According to him, the people of West Java must go up the class in utilizing IT and always tabayun.

    "All institutions must actively contribute to fighting hoaxes," he said.

    Ridwan Kamil and Atalia and officials who participated in the West Java Saber Hoaks launch then signed an anti-hoax declaration on a banner. This signature as support for fighting and counteracting hoaxes. Jo

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