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    KPK & Government Form National Team to Prevent Corruption


    BANDUNG - The Government and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) have formed a National Team for Corruption Prevention (PK National Team) under the coordination of the KPK. This national team has established a Corruption Prevention Action Year 2019-2020.

    Four ministries have been appointed to be part of the PK National Team. The four ministries / institutions include: Minister of National Development Planning / Head of National Development Planning Agency, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, and Presidential Chief of Staff. This is in accordance with Presidential Regulation Number 54 of 2018.

    The PK National Team was formed based on the Joint Decree of the Head of the Corruption Eradication Commission, Minister of National Development Planning / Head of the National Development Planning Agency, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, and Presidential Chief of Staff, Number 1 Year 2018, Number 01 SKB / M .PPN / 10/2018, Number 119/8774 / SJ, Number 15 Year 2018, and Number NK-03 / KSK / 10/2018 concerning Actions to Prevent Corruption in 2019-2020.

    "We are present at this time on behalf of the National Team for Corruption Prevention. "The new team formed by the President passed Presidential Regulation number 54 of 2018 concerning Action to Prevent Corruption," said Head of the KPK Prevention and Control Unit (Korsupgah) Asep Rahmat Suwanda, as well as National National Team Set Coordinator for the National Strategy for the Prevention of Corruption and Prevention. Corruption Year 2019-2020 at Aston Pasteur Hotel Bandung, Jl. Dr. Djunjunan No. 162, Bandung City, Thursday (6/12/18).

    The action to prevent corruption through dissemination was carried out in six regions covering all regional governments in 34 provinces. For activities in Bandung this includes six local governments for six provincial governments and nine district / city governments.

    "For all district / city governments we do not take action, only regions that are in accordance with the agreement of the National Team are regions that have specific criteria, for example related to the existence of government priority programs," said Asep.

    "Or special areas such as special economic zones. Because one of the biggest focuses in this action is related to licensing and trade procedures, "he continued.

    The Corruption Prevention Action Year 2019-2020 consists of 11 (eleven) actions, which include:
    1. Improving services and compliance with licensing and investment;
    2. Improving data governance and compliance with extractive, forestry and plantation sectors;
    3. Utilization of the Population Registration Number to improve governance of the provision of social assistance and subsidies;
    4. Integration and synchronization of strategic food import data;
    5. Application of anti-bribery management in the government and private sector;
    6. Integration of electronic-based planning and budgeting systems;
    7. Increasing the professionalism and modernization of the procurement of goods and services,
    8. Optimization of state revenues from tax and non-tax revenues;
    9. Strengthening the implementation of bureaucratic reform;
    10. Implementation of the grand design of village financial supervision strategies; and
    11. Improved governance of the integrated criminal justice system.

    The PK National Team will be tasked with carrying out Coordination, Synchronization, Monitoring and Evaluation of Action Implementation; Compile Achievement Reports; and Publish Reports to the Community.

    While the focus of the PK National Strategy starts next year, there are three things, namely related to Licensing and Commerce, State Finance, and Law Enforcement and Bureaucratic Reform.

    Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that his party would strengthen the function of Saber Pungli in efforts to prevent corruption in West Java. According to Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname is the chance that corruption is present because of intentions.

    "The key to the problem of corruption is intention," Emil said, when opening the National Strategy for the Prevention of Corruption Dissemination and the Corruption Prevention Action Year 2019-2020.

    For that, there are three values ??that must be possessed so that we avoid the latent danger of corruption. This can also be applied by bureaus or the State Civil Apparatus, namely integrity, service culture, and professionalism.

    Emil added, the strengthening of the Saber Extortion will be optimized to take action on 12 types of activities indicated by corruption. Among them: Bribery licensing, deductions or fictitious grants / social assistance, forced subordinate deposits, forced subordinate quotes, fictitious projects, buying and selling access services, forced quotes to projects, quotes to citizens, project fees, down project specs, project mark up, and selling buy a position.

    "We will strengthen the Saber Extortion against 12 types of corruption that I have noted," Emil said when met after the opening of the dissemination program.

    In addition, the Provincial Government of West Java will also release an internal complaint number related to the k-activity

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