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    Having Three Cultures, West Java Masagi Wants to Realize the Character of Millennial Generation through Local Wisdom


    CIREBON CITY - Has three cultural slices, Sundanese Priangan, Cirebonan, and Betawian become the basis of the grand design of one of the 100-day work programs of the Governor of West Java, namely Jabar Masagi. This program is to strengthen the foundation of the millennial generation of West Java through the value of character education.

    This character education can be realized by restoring character education that can have an impact on social morals that contain the nobility of local wisdom values ??of three cultures in West Java.

    "Tonight we will begin a new journey by preparing our students through superior human beings in West Java. What is that?" asked West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil in his presentation when launching Jabar Masagi at the State Building, Cirebon City, Wednesday night (5/12/18).

    The superior human of West Java must have four values, namely physically, the body must be healthy, intelligent, moral, and religious. To realize these four values, said Emil, his party has a strategy called Jabar Masagi.

    "Assessing the quality of superior human beings in West Java must have four values. We will carry out a strategy called Masagi. This means that it is very perfect in value, extracted from the cultural values ??of West Java," Emil said.

    West Java Masagi's implementation is all programs, both in the home, school and community environment that are able to grow the younger generation in West Java as cultured humans. This cultured human has the ability to be able to learn to feel (feeling / feeling), learn to understand (harti / karsa), learn to do (proof), learn to live together (bakti / dumadi is real).

    "Surti, the ability to feel or sensitivity. It means the ability to understand, then to do evidence or practice. Finally, serve, get involved in socializing for the community," Emil said.

    "Let us give birth to humans or superior generations of West Java," he said.

    West Java Masagi has a unique yellow, blue and green logo that symbolizes the three cultures that exist in West Java. "There is a curve in the logo that indicates M for Masagi. This has cultural values, then there are slices in the middle of green. So, we pray that all meet in green," he explained.

    As a form of commitment from the regional heads in West Java to realize the program, the MoU was signed between the Regent / Mayor of West Java and the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil.

    In addition, the West Java Education Office, as the West Java Masagi's leading sector program, also invited 612 elements at the launching event. Among them are the Head of the Education Office of 27 districts / cities, the Head of Bappeda 27 districts / cities, MKKS, MKPS, high school / vocational / SLB teachers to the West Java Student Council forum.

    Unlike the launch of another program, launching Jabar Masagi was packaged nicely and interestingly. The initial procession of the event presented three program guides with accent of Sundanese, Cirebonan, and Betawian languages. When launching, Governor Emil guided the inauguration event directly. The excitement of launching was felt even more complete when the chaplaincy or the ancient wheel game was played by invited guests and millennials from various unique communities who were present as performers.

    Not until that, all the performers and invited guests including Governor Emil dissolved in joy while dancing together. The excitement of the event continued when the fireworks party closed the entire series of launching events.

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