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    Waste Management and Key Transport Structures in Bandung Raya


    PORTLAND, OREGON, USA — Metro Portland, Oregon, USA encourages West Java Provincial Government to start structuring Bandung Raya through integrating waste management and transportation.

    This input was obtained by West Java Provincial Secretary (Sekda) Iwa Karniwa who led the West Java delegation while attending a special meeting of the Deputy Council of Metro Potrland Oregon President Tom Hughes and 6 council representatives from the Oregon city and region, Wednesday (5/12/18) morning time local.

    "I and the entourage have just finished being an honorary observer at the Metro Portland meeting which was attended and chaired by the top brass," he told West Java Public Relations.

    In the meeting, Metro Portland provided input regarding waste management and integrated transportation in the Greater Bandung Metropolitan area. "This step is to overcome congestion along with increasing population, vehicles and community economic activities," said the Secretary.

    Acknowledged by the council present according to Iwa integrated waste management and integrated transportation needed hard work, especially in the synergy of the regent mayor and his community. "The key is that all parties must be continuously strong and consistently sustainable. InshaAllah the Bandung basin is successful and West Java is successful or champion," said Iwa Regional Secretary.

    West Java Provincial Government itself has prepared a plan to develop Legoknangka TPPAS in Bandung Regency to serve waste management in Bandung Raya. For transportation, LRT Bandung Raya supports the Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train project as part of the integrated Bandung Raya transportation solution.

    Metro Portland Oregon successfully manages 6 districts and makes the best arrangement in the world. This region successfully eliminated the sectoral ego to become an integrated and more advanced metro area. "All inputs and images that we have obtained will be the structuring material for Bandung Raya as mandated by the Bandung Basin Pepres," he concluded.

    Participating in the special assignment group of the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil led by Secretary of Iwa Karniwa included Head of West Java Bappeda Jerry Yanuar, Head of West Java Housing and Settlement Agency Bambang Riyanto and Head of West Java Investment and One Stop Service Dadang Masoem.

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