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    47,000 Hectares of Critical Land Spread in West Java


    BANDUNG - To date there have been at least 47,000 ha of critical land spread in 10 locations or regencies in the West Java region. Some districts are categorized as critical land including Garut, Subang, Sumedang, Ciamis, Majalengka, West Bandung and others.

    "The 10 points or regencies of critical land locations in the West Java region in the future will be the focus of our performance with a land area of ??47,000 hectares," Citarum Academic Initiative Mastok Krisyanto told reporters at Bandung Zoo on Tuesday (05/12/2018).

    Mastok revealed that his party will plant various types of bamboo plants at the location of the critical land. According to him, in one ha, around 25 to 30 million bamboo tree seeds are needed. For this reason, coordination and cooperation are needed with other parties.

    "If we say 1 ha requires 500-600 seeds, it means we need 25 million to 30 million bamboo tree seeds. For this reason, cooperation from all parties, both government and private, is needed," he said.

    This critical land is best suited for planting bamboo trees. Because the growth of bamboo trees only takes 3 years after planting time and the results will be faster. This is in accordance with government regulations in HBK (Non-Timber Forest Products).

    "The added value of other bamboo plants is in one cluster consisting of 25 sticks and within 24 hours it will hold 30 liters of water," he explained.

    In addition, critical land in West Java will be planted with three types of bamboo, which are based on land suitability such as about 1,500 bamboo seeds and black bamboo (wulung bamboo). This is to support the West Java Governor's program on preserving angklung.

    "Lemang bamboo will be planted. This is in accordance with the culture of water, farming and bamboo itself," he said.

    Mastok added that the initial process of planting bamboo will be carried out in two locations first, such as in the villages of Padaherang Pangandaran and Nagrek Regency of Bandung.

    "The point is we will focus on planting bamboo in the catchment area such as small rivers above the watershed," he concluded. (Even)

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