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    Citarum Academy Collaborates with Students to Preserve the Environment


    BANDUNG-Akademi Citarum which contains a number of environmentalists, including students, is committed to maintaining and preserving the environment, especially the environment in water catchment areas in West Java, which is currently in a critical condition.

    The initiator of the Citarum Academy, Mastok Setyanto, said that the Citarum Academy is a forum for creative young people and innovations that have been lacking in understanding the environment.

    "We gather young people, who so far talk about the environment is very minimal, we invite to join and immediately they go to the field," he said.

    According to Mastok, there are 3 programs that are carried out to preserve and preserve the environment, including the Green Savings program where we create something that later students or the community can feel the right technology of taste from bamboo.

    "We invite them to start making seeds, planting them until they can go to school to be funded by planted bamboo," said Mastok, in a discussion at Bandung Zoo, Wednesday (05/12).

    Mastok stated that the program to be carried out was also related to village rescue, where the program was the main goal, namely how we map village potential, not only the disaster but the potential that could be developed for the progress and welfare of the community.

    "This program is so that the young generation in the village will know after the potential of their villages, and they will not go anywhere because the atmosphere will be facilitated by Bungdes in accordance with the Village Law in 2014, this is what we will encourage," he explained.

    In addition, according to Mastok, education about the environment is also our program where students and local residents will be given an understanding of the minimum environmental management in their respective regions and subsequently transmitted to others.

    "Now our siblings are very minimal, they do it for their small environment, now we introduce them to understand at least learning vegetation and transmitting on campus with the hope that this program in 2021 West Java has become a benchmark in environmental conservation," he concluded. (Parno)

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