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    Baleendah Floods Soak Thousands Houses


    BANDUNG-The annual flooding in Baleendah District, Bandung re-occured. This time it happened since Saturday (12/3) until today, Monday (14/3) and inundated thousands homes around Cijagra Village, Cieunteung, Muara Village, Cipurut Village and Dayeuhkolot which became the centre of the economy.

    Hundreds of refugees from these regions is currently accommodated in the second floor of the Great Mosque Dayeuhkolot, stores, and in the Dayeuhkolot Koramil Office.

    Nevertheless, there are some citizens who do not want to be evacuated and prefer stayed in their second floor at their house despite it exposed by floods. The reason is they want to guard their house and moreover they used to by the annual flooding.

    One of the worst area impacted by floods are Muara Village. There are about 7 RW inundated with headcount of 7,700 households. They mostly evacuated to the Great Mosque Dayeuhkolot. Even the village office of Andir district was submerged by floods which more than one meter then it paralysing the public administration services.

    One of RW official in Muara Village, Ipin said this floods is the worse ever, nevertheless public has been anticipated and be alert so that none of the victims.

    Ipin hopes the relevant parties are really looking for the right solution to overcome this annual flooding. “It has been a dozens of years, there’s no appropriate solutions,” he complained.

    "Actually, in Muara Village, citizens have agreed to be transferred to the safe area, but until now there has been no approach to the citizens, especially from the local government,” he said.

    Regarding of food and other aid, according to Ipin, it’s rarely arrive to Muara Village especially the citizens who did not evacuate. If there was any assistance, it mostly was too late.

    According to investigation by jabarprov.go.id in the Koramil Dayeuhkolot Office is always available health services in the form of medical and drugs. And according to one medical officer, a disease that is often complained are cough, flu, fever, and itching.

    Meanwhile, the existing shopping centre in Dayeukolot was closed due to a waterlogged in the street between 20 cm to 1 meter. While the transportation is still used by citizens is the wooden boats that connect from Ciparay to Dayeuhkolot and vice versa.



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