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    Incinerators Will Be Spread at 50 Points of the Citarum River Basin


    BANDUNG REGENCY - The Regional Government of West Java Province will spread incinerators at 50 points around the Citarum watershed next year. Incinerator is a garbage burner that is operated using a certain temperature combustion technology. This tool can burn waste until it runs out.

    "The budget has been prepared. Hopefully (incinerator) with the latest technology, the temperature is higher, and the price is cheaper," said West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil in a coordination meeting (coordination meeting) regarding the implementation of handling the Citarum River in Saung Citarum Harum Sector 8 in the Village Mekar Rahayu, Margaasih District, Bandung Regency, Wednesday (5/12/18).

    "This incinerator is not permanent, when the culture (community) has been formed, the facility (incinerator) can be lost. This is not a permanent facility, "he continued.

    For this reason, as Dansatgas Citarum, Emil instructed all Dansectors to find land to place the incinerator. However, the land in question is land owned by the government in this case BBWS is not land owned by the community.

    One of the obstacles faced in handling the Citarum watershed is the unavailability of land for garbage storage. For this reason, the placement of incinerators at 50 points is the solution to the handling of Citarum waste offered by Governor Emil.

    On this occasion Emil, Ridwan Kamil's familiar greeting with Bandung Regent Dadang Naser accompanied the Indonesian Maritime Affairs Coordinating Minister Luhut Binsar Panjaitan in the coordination meeting and reviewed the implementation of the Citarum handling program in Sector 8 Citarum (Cilampeni-Curug Jompong bridge).

    Another obstacle in handling Citarum is the lack of availability of heavy equipment for dredging garbage or excavators. The solution, Emil said, was that it would provide a minimum of ten excavators to support cleaning of garbage in Citarum.

    The West Java Provincial Government submitted a budget of Rp 600 billion to the Central Government for handling Citarum. While the Regional Government of West Java Province also provides a budget of around Rp. 100 billion. Emil assessed that the budget is still lacking, because dealing with Citarum requires a budget of up to trillions of rupiah.

    "In 2019 we propose a budget of around Rp 600 billion to buy excavators, garbage storage, and land acquisition for retention lakes. Because the problem is sediment, garbage, and flooding, three of them get a budget, "Emil explained after he was met.

    Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan is committed to backing up Citarum's handling in full, including funding support from the central government. "I will back up everything and the funding will be key," Luhut said in the coordination meeting.

    "Yesterday the funding has not been integrated, now that Pak Ridwan (West Java Governor) has been integrated and we expect the funds to go down in late January or February (2019) to complete all the programs," he added after coordination.

    Luhut said the Central Government budgeted IDR 640 billion for Citarum. The budget will be channeled to the Citarum Task Force.

    "This year (2019) is only IDR 640 billion, which will be managed by Dansatgas (Citarum) later," he said.

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