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    Optimizing Crash, West Java PKK Collaborates with TNI and BKKBN


    INDRAMAYU REGENCY- Chair of the West Java Province PKK Driving Team Atalia Praratya Kamil expressed his appreciation for the active role of the entire army in the Kodam III / Siliwangi unit who consistently supported the Population, Family Planning and Family Development (KKBPK) program through the integrated Bakti TNI KB Health.

    "Alhamdulillah the TNI has joined in. Hopefully in the future we will collaborate together, we will 'sit down' together to discuss who is doing what," said Atalia while attending the Closing Ceremony of the TNI Manunggal KB Kodam III / Siliwangi 2017 Level of Java Province West in Regency Hall. Indramayu, Tuesday (12/03/18).

    "Our West Java Provincial and District TP PKK ranks are determined to unite the steps of implementing the KKBPK Health PKK Movement activity in 2018 to welcome healthy and increasingly prosperous Indonesian families," he added.

    The event was also coupled with the launching of the Health PKK KB Unity Movement in 2018 West Java Province and the First 1000 Day Launching.

    The Unitary Movement Activities of the PKK-Population, Family Planning and Family Development Health is one of the relevant programs to continue to be implemented and improved in quality.

    Given the current West Java Province is still faced with various challenges and population problems, including: the population of West Java according to BPS data in 2018 reached 48 million people with a high growth rate of 1.34%, high maternal and infant mortality, disease which threatens diverse human lives (diphtheria, dengue fever, diarrhea, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS and others), and high stunting rates that reach 29%.

    Thus, the mechanism or management of these activities needs to be continuously refined so as to be able to provide optimal contributions to the success of development programs in the District / City.

    In line with Atalia, the Head of the Indonesian BKKBN represented by the Director of the BKKBN RI Regional Pathways and Special Facilities Development Section, Nerius Auparay, revealed that cross-sectoral activities such as this could achieve the success of the KKBPK Program through efforts to control the rate of growth of occupation.

    "We really appreciate the participation and participation of all parties in supporting the KKBPK program in West Java," he said.

    "Thank you to the TNI and PKK for providing full support for the development of the KB Village as evidenced by the seriousness of the TNI Members, especially Babinsa, and the PKK and their cadres to be involved in community activities," he continued.

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