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    Potential of Indonesian Ornamental Fish Can be the Biggest in the World


    BANDUNG - The area of sea and inland waters in Indonesia has considerable potential, especially the potential of ornamental fish that exists with a variety of fish species in it. And based on the data, Indonesia is currently ranked 3rd in the world for the export of seawater ornamental fish and ranked 5th in the world for the export of freshwater ornamental fish.

    According to the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, Luhut B. Pandjaitan, seeing such enormous potential in the future, Indonesia will be able to become the largest exporter of ornamental fish in the world with a very large value.

    "The value of world ornamental fish exports in 2017 reached a value of USD 341 million or increased by 10.57% from the previous year, this is a huge market opportunity for Indonesia because we are a" warehouse "for world ornamental fish," he said.

    According to Luhut, for freshwater Indonesia is inhabited by around 1,248 species of fish, 243 species of which are endemic species and 122 species of ornamental shrimp, while in Indonesia's marine waters there are around 3,476 species of fish.

    "The value of Indonesian ornamental fish exports in 2017 amounted to USD 27.6 million, up USD 3 million from 2016 amounting to USD 24.6 million. With the incredible potential of ornamental fish, Indonesia should be able to be ranked no.1 in the world, "he said.

    Luhut stated, his party supports the export of ornamental fish but with a note to the ornamental fish entrepreneurs to always pay attention to the preservation of Natural Resources (SDA).

    "We have to control it, like the corals that are cultivated so that we can make a living for MSMEs but we can't take them from nature," Luhut said in a statement in Bandung, Monday (03/12). (Parno)

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