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    Cigatas Toll Started to be Bid Early in 2019


    BANDUNG-Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono revealed, the Cigatas toll road construction project (Cileunyi, Garut, Tasik) will start tendering in early 2019.

    "The Cigatas toll road project update in early 2019 will begin tendering," Basuki said after the 73rd PU Day Service ceremony at Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (03/12/2018).

    Currently, continued Basuki, it is still in the stage of determining or determining the location. Toll Cigatas will cross a number of areas in the east coast starting from Cileunyi. Even the plan for this toll road will be extended until it goes to Cilacap Central Java.

    "At the moment it is still pendlok, after we are finished we will submit it to the Governor of West Java," Basuki said.

    For the budget, according to the Minister, infrastructure projects on Java usually use investment funds. It is different from other regions where development is less developed.

    "The budget is that the toll road in Java is mostly from investment because Java has developed differently from other regions," he said.

    The Ministry of PUPR in 2019 has a budget allocation of Rp 110.7 trillion and is the largest of all ministries / institutions. Basuki said the budget was used for the construction of roads and bridges of around Rp. 40 Trillion, dams and irrigation around Rp. 35 Trillion, works of around Rp. 20 Trillion and housing around Rp. 9 Trillion. The rest is for financing at Balitbang, BPSDM and Regional Infrastructure Development Agency.

    "Our 2019 priority must be to ensure that all existing projects cannot be abandoned without being resolved. In 2019 there will be 18 dams to be completed, the last in 2022 all infrastructure projects will be completed," he explained.

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, the construction of the Cigatas toll road is very urgent given the congestion in the east coast which disrupts the economy and does not only occur during Lebaran. The toll road will also support tourism in the eastern region of West Java, especially Pangandaran, which will become a Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

    "Now it is very crowded, not only on weekends and Eid, but also on normal days, people, I am also turning Bandung - Tasik even though Patwal is the same," Uu said.

    He also welcomed the steps of the central government which will start the Cigatas toll auction in early 2019. That means there will be progress, hopefully it will be built soon, "he said.

    West Java Provincial Government itself is currently in the process of land acquisition for the Cigatas toll road. "Cigatas is now in the position of land acquisition," he said.

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