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    73rd Public Service Day, Remembering Heroes of the Gedung Sate Protector


    BANDUNG - The commemoration ceremony of the 73rd Public Service Day (Harbak PU) was again held at Gedung Sate on Monday (12/03/2018). Acting as ceremonial inspector of the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Republic of Indonesia Basuki Hadimuldjono.

    Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum also attended along with the ASN West Java Provincial Government and the Ministry of PUPR who wore Sundanese traditional clothes.

    "Thanks to the Ministry of PUPR, the national level ceremony here even has an exhibition," said Deputy Governor Uu.

    The Vice Governor hopes that this can be a driver of national scale development in West Java which will have a positive impact on the people of West Java, especially in 2019.

    "Hopefully the presence of the Minister and Harbak PU here will add projects to the people of West Java, especially Mr. Jokowi said he would prioritize West Java, hopefully this is the case," he said.

    PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuldjono invited Harbak PU to become a momentum to work together and maintain cohesiveness in completing infrastructure development that was evenly distributed throughout Indonesia. The fighting spirit of PU heroes, called heroes of Sapta Taruna, is also expected to be an inspiration for every PUPR person in carrying out their duties.

    "Especially nowadays where infrastructure development has become a priority in catching up with other nations," said the Minister.

    At the end of 2018, Basuki emphasized that the focus was on programmed work, reaching 93% according to the target set. For 2019, said Basuki, the Ministry of PUPR has a budget allocation of Rp 110.7 trillion, which is the largest of all ministries / institutions.

    "We also received an additional mandate to support the mission of strengthening human resources and the economy of the community through the construction of schools, colleges, madrasas and the wholesale market," he said.

    After the ceremony the Minister of PUPR and the Deputy Governor of West Java had the opportunity to review the Sapta Taruna inscription monument located on the front yard of Gedung Sate. Then the group continued the Heroes Cemetery in Cikutra, Bandung, to make pilgrimages and flowers. The PUPR Minister directs the pilgrimage ceremony and sows flowers to the tombs of PU heroes.

    The background of Harbak PU began precisely on December 3, 1945. At that time 21 PU employees retained the PU Department building in Bandung from attacks by allied forces who wanted to control it. But thanks to the resistance and persistence of seven PU employees, namely Didi Hardianto, Muchtarudin, Suhodo, Rio Soesilo, Soebengat, Ranu and Soerdjono, the building can be maintained even though they have to die. For his services, their name is remembered as the hero of Sapta Taruna. As a tribute, the Sapta Taruna inscription monument was built in front of the PU Department building which is currently known as Gedung Sate.

    Dynamic Youth Fest

    The day before, the infrastructure exhibition titled Dynamic Youth Fest was opened by the Indonesian Minister of Public Works and Housing, Basuki Hadimuldjono. Present at the West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil accompanied Basuki. Emil, his nickname, is proud of Gedung Sate, which is now the office of the Government of West Java Province, becoming the location for commemorating the big day of the PU family. Right according to Emil, the Community Service Day was held at its historical center.

    "The Coolest Government Building is Gedung Sate. For the new building, why should it only have been renovated for one year. But the satay building which was built in 1920 still stands firm," Emil said on Sunday (12/2/18).

    Governor Emil further appreciated the performance of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, which has always been offering the best infrastructure for Indonesia.

    Especially in West Java, various infrastructure, facilities, pre-facilities have been built to support the economic activities of the residents. Starting from the construction of toll roads, public housing, as well as various irrigation related projects to the normalization issues of the Citarum river.

    West Java, continued Governor Emil, has hydrological problems, such as floods. So the Governor asked for the next five years, so that good communication can be established between the West Java Provincial Government and the Ministry of Public Works and Public Works to deal with the issue, especially those related to revamping the Citarum watershed.

    "We are working together to make the Citarum river in five years, West Java Provincial Government and PUPR will make the best Citarum river. Inaah Allah 2019 we will fight it," Emil said.

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