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    Together Ulama-Umaro, Ridwan Kamil: People are Safe


    BANDUNG - At least 10,000 people gathered at the 28th anniversary of the Daarut Tauhid (DT) Islamic Boarding School in Bandung, led by KH Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa Gym), at the Indonesian Education University Gymnasium (UPI), Setiabudi Street Bandung, Sunday ( 11/2/18)

    Themed 'Thank You My Teacher', Aa Gym, as the head of the Islamic Boarding School hopes that Daarut Tauhid can be an inspiration especially around the world of da'wah and education, with instilled principles such as strong leadership strength, independent entrepreneurial spirit, and ecology, or environmental insight.

    In addition, Aa Gym also hopes that the Daarut Tauhid students will continue to build synergies with various parties for the betterment of the people.

    "Well, as we see, we always want to work together," said Aa.

    The Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, claimed to be ready and would always build good communication with the DT Ponpes. Especially in developing West Java development programs in the field of clan.

    "We want West Java to be the Inner Born Champion. Physical champion, infrastructure, technology, champion and human character," said Emil, his nickname.

    A number of publicity programs that Emil rolled out include the One Village One Hafidz program, Mesra credit, and various other community development programs.

    "We also invite partners to play an active role. So if the Ulama, Umaro, and Merchants are compact, God willing, the people will be safe," Emil said.

    One Tahfidz One Village Program, for example, is a program of cooperation between the West Java Provincial Government and the Daarut Tauhid Foundation in order to strengthen the character of the people by printing a memorized generation of Al-Qur'an spread throughout the cities / regencies throughout West Java.

    In this case, the santri assisted by Daarut Tauhiid will teach the knowledge of religion and the economic independence of the people in the area of ??community development in every area of ??West Java. The education costs are cooperated with other parties.

    Likewise Mesra Credit, which became one of the West Java provincial government program in increasing the accessibility of West Java people to access capital. This loan is provided without interest and without collateral.

    This program was created to make it easier for the public to obtain microfinance. The community simply comes to the nearest mosque or place of worship.

    "I just entrusted it to DKM, please suppose that if someone borrows IDR 1 million, then memorize Al-Quran 1 Juz, if IDR 5 million, 5 Juz, if IDR 30 million, then you must memorize the Koran, "Emil said.

    This program is also the result of cooperation between the Government, Banking, and religious institutions.

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