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    Perum Peruri Prepares Digital Security


    BANDUNG - The Republic of Indonesia Public Money Printing Company (Perum Peruri) and Telkomsel signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at GraPARI Telkom Group.

    Telkomsel's Vice President of Corporate Account Management, Primadi K. Putra said that through this partnership, his party would provide various digital solutions to state-owned printing service providers and security systems which include Telkomsel FleetSight, TCASH and LBA (location based advertising) digital transactions, and IoT solutions. (internet of things) presented to support the Digital Security Perum Peruri business.

    Perum Peruri itself is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) which is trusted by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to print Rupiah banknotes and coins as well as other security or valuable non-bank paper products, such as excise ribbons, seals, passports and stamps. In addition, Peruri also provides Track & Trace, Government Solution, and Card and Personalization solutions.

    "As the first operator to present IoT services in Indonesia, we are pleased that IoT-based business solutions have been trusted and are increasingly relevant to digital transformation initiatives for businesses in various sectors," Primadi said in his official statement in Bandung, Saturday (1/12 / 2018)

    Perum Peruri which has entrusted Telkomsel MyBusiness services and Telkomsel IoT as a solution to help the company's digitalization program and the development of their Digital Security business.

    "We hope that the solution we provide can support Perum Peruri's mission in producing products that are of higher quality and of high security value, the pride of the nation while strengthening the company in the field of integrated security printing and system," said Primadi.

    Digital solutions provided by Telkomsel for Perum Peruri include IoT (internet of things) for Digital Security Business, Telkomsel FleetSight, TCASH digital transactions and sotution / LBA (location based advertising) Broadcast SMS. Telkomsel's IoT (internet of things) solution will be used to support the Perum Peruri Digital Security Business services based on applications and systems.

    The Track & Trace Peruri solution is one of Peruri's services that requires IoT services. Connectivity Telkomsel services are also very much needed to support the BUMN's digital business. Government Solution and Personalization Services Perum Peruri will also be a service that will be synergized together with Telkomsel.

    "This is in line with the government roadmap for Making Indonesia 4.0 towards the 4.0 Industrial Revolution," he concluded jo

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