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    Atalia Kamil Invites Millennials to Love Indonesian Products


    BANDUNG - Chairwoman of the West Java Regional National Craft Council, Atalia Kamil invites millennials to love Indonesian products. Because currently there are many products from the archipelago claimed by other countries ranging from culinary, fashion and craft.

    Delivered while attending Creavonture 4.0 which was initiated by DIII Company Management at Parahyangan Catholic University in Paris Van Java Mall Bandung, Saturday (1/12/18). Creavonture 4.0 is the fourth time held and the second time is held at Paris Van Java Mall.

    Atalia also called for greetings on Indonesian products, namely I Love, I'm Proud, I Use Indonesian Products in front of students and visitors. "Today we must realize the spirit of love for Indonesian products," he said.

    So that he appreciates Parahyangan Catholic University, which has encouraged students to work and innovate in producing products. This exhibition is an implementation of one of the courses at DIII Corporate Management at Parahyangan Catholic University.

    "From the beginning these students were able to work optimally in a real work. So entrepreneurship is done from the beginning," continued Atalia.

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