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    Not Only Community Land, Vice Governor Uu: Land Owned by Provincial Government Also Claimed


    BOGOR REGENCY - West Java Vice Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said that currently land disputes are still a hot issue in West Java. Because not only land is owned by the community, but many government-owned lands are claimed and there are no clear laws.

    "The problem of land in West Java is still a hot issue to this day. Because not only community land, but also lots of land owned by the provincial government, and without clear law," said Vice Governor Uu when accompanying Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) for the people at the Bogor Regency Arts Building on Saturday (1/12/18).

    For this reason, Uu strongly supports President Jokowi's steps in advancing the people of West Java. One of them is a breakthrough program through the distribution of land certificates.

    There are 3,000 land certificates used through the Bogor Regency ATR / BPN Office at this event.

    "We will complete the certificate, our target for 2023 will be all land in Bogor Regency," said the Indonesian Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning / National Agency (ATR / BPN) Sofyan A Djalil during the event to distribute the land certificate.

    According to President Jokowi, land certificates were important as proof of land rights. Jokowi claims that all of them have direct connections, the same thing that is complained of is the land dispute.

    "Say that happened? Because the community does not hold a land certificate," said the President.

    The President said, based on 2014 data that of 126 million land in Indonesia, only 46 million land parcels had been certified. There are still 80 million land parcels that have not been certified.

    "For that, I ordered the Minister (ATR / BPN) last year, I asked for 5 million certificates to be issued from the BPN Office last year, 2018, seven million and next year 9 million certificates must be issued," he said.

    For people who already have land certificates, the President and instructs them to be able to use land certificates properly so they are not damaged. In addition, the President also invited collateral land certificates to banks with the aim of developing or other matters.

    "But I entrusted it, it was calculated, it was calculated that it could not be paid in installments to the bank, if you can't, don't," he ordered.

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