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    Trash Piles High After Flooding


    Baleendah-When the flood in Baleendah comes, then the trash piles up at around of Citarum River.

    When the downstream of Cikapundung river met directly to Citarum River, then it turns into the piles of garbage were mostly like Styrofoam, plastic bags, plastic bottles of mineral water, piles of scrap wood and demolished buildings, and even mattress.

    From the observation jabarprov.go.id in Cijagra Village, RW 10, seen the piles of rubbish caught on the lip of the bridge from Cikapundung River. There was no attempt to get rid of the garbage, because of the numbers of garbage was so many.

    According to one resident, Darmin, Monday (14/3) he said garbage is derived from the opening of the dam in Curug Ece Kordon, Terusan Buah Batu. When the floodgates opened then all existing waste undrained until it came here.

    The garbage piles up in Curug Ece was comes from the Town Centre, where most people threw their garbage into Cikapundung rivers.

    He hopes relevant parties will make serious efforts to clean up the garbage, due to the scrapheap has been disturbing residents.


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