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    Opening West Java Habibie Festival 2018, Ridwan Kamil Invites Innovators to Collaborate


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil opened the 2018 West Java Habibie Festival at the Telkom University Campus Hall in Bandung on Friday (11/30/18). The festival, which displays a variety of innovations and technologies for the nation's children, is open to the public until December 2, 2018.

    In his remarks, the Governor who was familiarly called Emil said, in the next five years West Java had a big dream of making it a digital province. To achieve this, innovation and technology are needed. Emil believes that the government will not be able to work alone but needs collaboration with Penta Helix, namely with communities, entrepreneurs, academics and the media.

    "We need the cooperation of the inventors to collaborate because my job as Governor can accelerate the discovery to be a usefulness," Emil said.

    According to him, West Java can only advance with innovation and technology, thus the speed of developing West Java can reach 120 km / hour.

    Emil appreciated the Jabar Habibie Festival as a form of appreciation and pride that Indonesia has the figure of BJ Habibie as the father of national technology. He also hopes that the festival will be scheduled every year.

    "As an admirer of Pak Habibie, I hope this festival can continue to be held every year as a form of appreciation and pride to the Father of Indonesian technology," he said.

    On the first day, the Jabar Habibie Festival in addition to exhibiting an innovation bazaar, Markerland, Fin Tech 2.0, A to B the future of transportation, sports land and fund fest, also held a number of technology workshops by presenting well-known speakers from abroad.

    "Let young people from West Java come in droves to this event because it is very important and becomes pride," Emil invited.

    The event's initiator who is also the son of BJ Habibie, Ilham Akbar Habibie, said that since the first title of 2016 to the third degree, visitors to Habibie festival have reached 90 thousand people.

    "We want many people to see first hand the various technological innovations and be proud of the work of the nation's children," he said.

    Through this Jabar Habibie Festival, He hopes that technology can become a culture in the community so that people are not afraid to learn technology.

    "Our goal is to make technology a part of culture and this is our effort to cultivate technology," he said.

    Ilham believes that Indonesian society today is not stuttering about technology as evidenced by the many uses of smartphones and social media. But he does not want the community to be just users but must be able to develop and even discover technological innovations.

    "Therefore, this festival is prepared to spur the creative and innovative power and competitiveness of players in the global industry," Ilham concluded.

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