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    Ridwan Kamil Submitted a Number of Programs to Family Welfare Development Team


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil opened a consolidated meeting of the Family Welfare Development Team (TP PKK) throughout West Java at the West Java PKK office, Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. 468, Bandung, Friday (11/30/18).

    In his direction, the Governor stated, the main problem in West Java was social and economic inequality. For this reason, the task of the next 5 years is to reduce the imbalance through a number of programs and innovations. Emil, the Governor's nickname, asked TP PKK to be the spearhead in the family and community must also monitor and succeed its programs.

    "Our task in the next 5 years is to reduce inequality in the way life must be fair, which is difficult for us to help the advanced ones should provide support," Emil said.

    "The first way is that the village will be maximally empowered so that the TP PKK in the village will be successful. Moreover, the TP PKK in the village I hear is more active and developing," he explained.

    Another program that PKK members have to succeed in is another two weeks program 1 Desa 1 The company will officially start. Each village will be built by one company. The director is a young person who just graduated from college and understands digital economics, while his employees are all unemployed villagers.

    "We will also build Digital Village to be launched in Indramayu next month. Now, the PKK will play there," Emil explained.

    For program 1 Desa 1 Hafidz which has now begun to run, Emil asked the members of the PKK TP to find 5 names of children in each village who would be given a scholarship to study the Quran's Tahfiz by the government.

    "Please TP PKK my village needs 5 names of village children who will be given scholarships to study the Quran, after returning to their villages they will become priests in the mosque and memorize other children," he said.

    Other programs entrusted by Emil to TP PKK included zero stunting, the Ngabaso program (Ngabring ka Sakola), the Mesra Credit program and the Setangkai program (Gawai No Disturbance School).

    "West Java is innovation, but the government does not have human resources, only has the money, regulations and ideas. So I entrusted 50 percent. I have done the improvement or 50 percent is TP PKK," Emil explained.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the West Java PKK Driving Team Atalia Praratya revealed, this consolidation meeting was conducted to evaluate the implementation of the TP PKK work program throughout West Java, both purely PKK activities and activities that synergized with the regional work program.

    "Describes the work plan for the West Java TP PKK and the West Java regional activity plan for 2019 which is integrated and works with the District PKK TP, Kota," Atalia said.

    The consolidated meeting was attended by 280 participants consisting of regional institutions related institutions at the West Java level, and TP PKK members in West Java and City District.

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