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    Yemeni Ambassador Will Bring Investors to West Java


    BANDUNG - Yemeni Ambassador to Indonesia Dr Abdul Ghani Syamiri said he was interested in the potential that exists in West Java and would bring investors to investment.

    Met after meeting with West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil at Gedung Sate Bandung on Friday (11/30/18), the Yemeni Ambassador who came with the delegation said that he had coordinated with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that he would prioritize investment in West Java.

    "We have spoken with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will prioritize our investors for investment in Algebra to see their potential," said Abdul Ghani Syamiri through his translator.

    Abdul said, he had heard the news that BJB Syariah Bank opened opportunities for investment and cooperation.

    "I heard that the BJB Syariah bank opened opportunities for investment. I want to be an investor," he said.

    He was also interested in the program offered by Governor Ridwan Kamil namely Satu Desa Satu Hafidz and the program of one village one company to participate.

    "We are ready to help realize Satu Desa Satu Hafidz because we have experienced it," he said.

    For this reason, the Yemeni Ambassador requested proposals and comprehensive information about the potential and opportunities of West Java investment including infrastructure projects to be delivered to Yemeni investors.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that his party would immediately conduct a deeper cooperation assessment.

    "If we wish, we ask for the arrival of Yemeni investors or if necessary, I can visit there to explore cooperation," he said.

    To the Yemeni Ambassador, the Governor who was familiarly called Emil explained that 45 million West Java residents were Muslims. For this reason, he is determined to bring a competitive province of West Java and a champion of inner birth. There are 6 thousand villages in West Java that are ready to give birth to 6 thousand hafidz through the Satu Desa Satu Hafidz program.

    "If you wish, Yemen can help make it happen," he said.

    Another advantage of West Java is that it is the closest to the capital city so it is very strategic to invest. In addition to the largest province, West Java is also blessed with a country that is very beautiful in nature and its environment.

    "We have hundreds of rivers, beaches, mountains, forests and very rich cultural heritage, there is even a saying that West Java was created when God was smiling," Emil said.

    For this reason, in the next 5 years, he is determined to make 27 new tourism destinations in West Java. He also invited if there were Yemeni businessmen who wanted to invest in tourism.

    In addition, Emil also offers infrastructure strategic projects. Emil said that infrastructure needs in West Java have only reached 50 percent with a population of this size. Then there will be several infrastructure projects to be built, such as 8 new Railways, 2 new Airports, 3 new Ports, 2 new Cities, 10 to 20 new industrial centers and 5 to 8 new toll lanes. According to him, if only relying on government funds, only 10% would be achieved.

    "I hope that 90% can be filled by investors, especially from the Middle East, not just from East Asia," he said.

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