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    Local Governments Don't Hesitate to Finance Research!


    BANDUNG -The results of research or research can actually be used and useful for the public or certain institutions as part of innovation and progress. However, sometimes there is doubt from the government to finance research because the costs are expensive and the result is only paper.

    According to Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, this is a false assumption. Research is important for progress and development.

    "Research and research are usually in the government area, especially in the area, the government is sometimes hesitant if it wants to finance research and research, because the costs are expensive and there is a presumption that the results are just paper. That was very wrong, "said Deputy Governor Uu in his remarks when opening the West Java Research and Development Research Center (BP2D) in 2018 in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro, Bandung, Thursday (11/29/18).

    According to Uu, research is very important for progress and development. The government cannot make decisions that are social, government, social, if there is no prior research.

    "If the government has no breakthrough in serving the community, we will be left behind by other regions. West Java ran to catch up with other provinces, "Uu said.

    "We encourage research through alignments with the budget in the future," he added.

    The Colloquium program which was held for the third time took the theme: "Creative Research to Support West Java Champion Based on Innovation and Collaboration". This colloquium is one of the media for disseminating the results of BP2D research in West Java Province. The goal, namely:

    1. Disseminate the Results of Research, Development and Innovation carried out by the Regional Government of West Java Province;

    2. Accommodate feedback (feedback) to improve the results of research and dissemination, and evaluate the process of implementing research in the future;

    3. Means of socialization regarding the importance of innovating to improve regional competitiveness;

    4. As a means of communication and promotion of the results of research, development, and innovation to regional apparatus, the wider community, and industry parties as the beneficiaries of the results of research, development and innovation;

    5. One medium of interaction among stakeholders in the field of research in efforts to develop cooperation in the implementation and funding of research, development and innovation within the Regional Government of West Java Province; and

    6. Socialize the West Java Provincial Regulation concerning Intellectual Property Management Number 10 of 2018 in order to capture and protect the results of innovation within the West Java Provincial Government.

    "The goal is to utilize the results of research, development and application of science and technology in West Java as an ingredient in West Java Province's regional development policy," said West Java BP2D Head Lukman Shalahuddin in his report.

    The colloquium presents a keynote speaker, namely the Head of the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs Research and Development Dodi Riyadmadji, and Lipi Principal Researcher Nurul Taufiqu Rochman. There were 180 participants participating in this colloquium. They come from elements of the West Java Provincial Government, Balitbang and district / city Bappeda in West Java Province, regency / city technical areas in West Java that are related to research, and state and private universities in West Java, Ministry of Research and Development Ministries in West Java, as well as other stakeholders.

    In this colloquium there is also an exhibition of the results of innovations from the Regional Office or Regional Organization (OPD) of the West Java Province. However, there are only 30 of the 50 OPDs that present the results of their research or innovation.

    On this occasion, the Deputy Governor of Uu also gave awards to members of the Regional Research Council, namely Rudi Hermawan from ITB and Haryadi Permana from Lipi. In addition, symbolic submissions were carried out in the form of research documents from West Java BP2D Chief Lukman Shalahuddin to West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

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