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    Development Driving Motor, Korpri is Requested to Collaborate & Innovate


    BANDUNG - For the past 47 years the Indonesian Civil Servants Corps (Korpri) has become the driving force of nation building. As a form of anticipation of changing times, for that Korpri was asked to innovate and collaborate with all parties.

    "The ranks of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) have become the frontline in providing services to the community and have become an important motor in national development," said President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo as Korpri national advisor, in his message read by Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum at the West Java Provincial Korpri Day Commemoration Ceremony in 2018 at Gasibu Field, Bandung, Thursday morning (11/29/18).

    Korpri was established on 29 November 1971 based on Presidential Decree Number 82 of 1971. This is a place to gather all the employees of the Republic of Indonesia.

    "For 47 years Korpri has made a major contribution to the community, nation and state. Korpri has become a binder in strengthening national unity and unity," the President continued.

    In facing the very rapid economic and social changes of the community, the President advised that ASNs should be able to make adjustments in anticipation of changing times. Through innovation, utilization of science and technology, and collaboration.

    "Inevitably the State Civil Service must serve the community seriously, improve the quality of work, governance, and maintain accountability. Inevitably ASN must also be open minded, continue to innovate, simplify work processes, utilize science and technology (Science and Technology), as well as collaborating with relevant parties, "he explained.

    In addition, the President also asked ASN at all levels of the government not to get caught up in sectoral egos, ego organizations or their respective programs. Because all problems in the community are cross-sectoral and even cross-regional.

    Meanwhile, met after becoming an inspector of the 47th Korpri anniversary ceremony, Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum hoped that Korpri could become a unifier of the people. Every step of the Korpri step must be a role model for the community.

    "Therefore, in every step of the move do not become divisive but must become a hoop. Because the Pancaprasetya Korpri is the handle of the steps of Korpri members, "said Uu.

    On this occasion, Uu also stressed that Korpri must obey the leadership. Not defiant and must be able to cover up the weaknesses of bureaucracy through performance. In addition, Korpri was asked to improve professionalism and work competence in accordance with the times.

    "Then I hope that all members of Korpri must obey the leadership, so that there is no defiance, according to their respective levels," he said.

    "And also increase professionalism because now people are rapidly changing with information and globalization, if we miss the ability, we will be left by them (the community)," he said.

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