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    The Mesra bjb program Targeted to distribute Rp124 Billion in 2019


    BOGOR – PT Bank Pembangunan Jawa Barat and Banten, Tbk. (bank bjb) through the Mesra bjb program (Prosperous Economic Community) is expected to be able to develop UMKM actors in West Java, especially religious people around the synagogue in West Java.
    Bank Bjb President Director Ahmad Irfan stated that as a regional champion, the bank bjb is obliged to move the economy of the people and prosper the MSMEs around the synagogue in the West Java region, besides that it can also help the welfare of poor people.
    Mesra bjb program is motivated by social phenomena in the community, especially in regions with minimal access to finance, so that they are entangled with informal loans with very high interest rates.
    Ahmad Irfan expects that after the launch of the bjb Mesra, the economy of the community, especially the micro-economic community, can grow and develop to have productive businesses, reduce dependence on informal loans and ultimately improve the welfare of the community, especially in West Java.
    "Through this program, in addition to increasing capital loans for businesses, the community can also add knowledge and capabilities in the form of business management training and financial management training," Ahmad Irfan said in Bogor on Tuesday (11/27).
    Ahmad Irfan said that by the end of 2018, bank bjb was targeting Mesra bjb distribution of IDR 4 billion. Next year, the distribution target is expected to be bigger, reaching Rp124 billion.
    From the customer side, Ahmad Irfan stated that the target of the customers is by the end of 2018 as many as 2,000 debtors. While the target of customers in 2019 is targeted at around 41 thousand debtors.
    In general, continued Ahmad Irfan, the total bank bjb micro lending at the end of October 2018 was IDR 1.8 trillion with the number of debtors totaling 18,154 account numbers.

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