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    The Governor Performed Meeting with GWPP Priangan Region


    PANGANDARAN - Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil attended the General Governance Coordination Meeting in the Framework of the Governor As the Central Government Representative (KOPDAR_GWPP) in the Priangan Region of West Java Province.

    According to the Governor, this coordination meeting was a part of starting a new process in relations between the province and the regions, where in this activity the Governor immediately attended to hear from the regions and provide input for the region.

    "We start a new process in relations between provinces and regions, the Governor listens to the comments and input from the regions, this Priangan region consists of Banjar City, Kab. Ciamis, Kab. Pangandaran, Kota Tasikmalaya, Kab. Tasikmalaya, Kab. Garut, Bandung City, Kab. Sumedang, Kab. West Bandung, Cimahi City and Kab. Bandung, "he said.

    The governor stated that there were many benefits in this coordination meeting because the governor received input and problems in the regions to find the best solution to solve the problem.

    "Regions make books on infrastructure needs and border problems, we complete and review border problems, which so far if at the level of the second level because it is equal, it becomes a bit troublesome," he said.

    The governor stated that he also entrusted the programs to become the vision and mission of the West Java Provincial Government to work in the regions, both short, medium and long-term programs.

    "I also entrust programs to work in areas such as Mesra Credit for microeconomics, Rp. 2-5 million, UKM through KUR can get Rp. 7 million and commercially more than that and licensing must be one door, don't knock on the door online, target 6 the month must be finished, "he said.

    In front of the Mayors and Regents and Regional Secretaries of the Priangan Region, the Governor also requested that these areas open the widest possible investment for potential investors who will invest because reducing unemployment is an investment.

    "The regional head must be labor intensive, so if there are activities being attacked by the community and not only by one contractor," said the Governor, in KOPDAR_GWPP in the Priangan Region of West Java Province, at Pantai Indah Timur Resort Hotel, Pangandaran, Wednesday (11/28). (Parno)

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