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    PON Socialisation in Bali, Aher Invites the Citizen of Bali To Visit West Java


    GIANYAR-The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) held a socialisation of PON XIX and Peparnas XV in Bali during the event of Indonesia Scouts Parent Gathering.
    Located in the Kebo Iwa Gymnasium, in Gianyar, Bali, Sunday afternoon (13/3/2016), during the campaign about PON Aher said that this year’s PON will be the best and the biggest PON in the history.
    According to Aher, the last PON that was held in West Java was 51 years ago. This year’s PON will bring 9,000 spectators and officials, 44 sports, 61 locations of venues, 2,472 medals, and 1,372 matches. This year’s PON will also be attended by 3,000 journalists from all around the worlds which make this event become rousing.
    In the other sides, Aher said that the opening and the closing ceremony will be held by presenting a colossal dance with 7,000 dancers that combines the art of West Java and Indonesia. Besides that, the 3,000 volunteers are ready to help the execution of the event.
     “From the budgeting sector, this year we already put Rp 2 trillion as a budget from the APBD (Regional Budget) which is a very big budget. Therefore, we hope that the event will be successful and West Java team can achieve the best result and it also can raise the Indonesian sport as a general,” said him.
    From the security sector, Aher guarantees that the event will be as conducive as Bali. West Java, as the biggest province in Indonesia, has been tested from the conductivity sector. Even with the population that reaches 46.7 million, which is the province with the biggest population in Indonesia, there has not been a serious problem that occurs in this province. For example the 2015 concurrent elections that was successfully held recently.
     “The preparation has reached 94% until this month. It is targeted that the rest of it will be finished during the first semester of this year. The venues that are built, repaired, or enlarged are in the finishing process,” said him.
    The tender process the construction of all the venues with the administration process and the financial audit involves the BPKP (State Development of Audit Agency) as the committee of the internal audit.
    If the matters related to the venues have to pass the tender process, it is different with the procurement of the match facility that all the procurement of the tools can be directly pointed which refers to the rule of LKPP (Preliminary Unaudited Central Government Financial Report).
    According to Aher, the facility for the matches such as the tool, if it has to pass the tender process, we will only get the tool with the low specification even the price is also low. Whereas, we should get the best quality tools in order to support the matches.
    Aher also said there is also obstacle in all the process that has been implemented since three years ago. However, he thought that the obstacle is not a serious problem since the solid team work makes it easier to solve all the problems.

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