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    Birthday Commemoration, Uu: The Islamic Loving Day


    SUKABUMI - Vice Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, attended the Birthday Commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1440 H, at the Raudhatul Irfan Mosque in Sukabumi Regency, Wednesday (11/28/18).

    At the moment of Maulid Nabi, Vice Governor of Uu invited the public to jointly improve Ukhuwah Islamiyah in building civilization. These efforts can be realized with various activities.

    "Among them are religious, social, community activities, to political activities, and many other positive activities that can be done," said Vice Governor of West Java Uu.

    So that there is empowerment that leads to increasing the quality of life of the community. Both in terms of physical and spiritual. This is also in line with the mission of the West Java Provincial Government for the period 2018-2023, which is to realize "West Java Inner Born Champion."

    In addition, the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, became a moment of increasing love. Deputy Governor of Uu, gave a message to the public to throw away hatred. Because Mawlid's warning, actually is the day of love for Muslims throughout the world.

    Because, the difference is color, the ultimate togetherness. The way, said Uu, is by forgetting good deeds that have been done to others, and forgetting the bad deeds that people have done on themselves.

    "Instead always remember, the goodness of others is done to us, and remember the bad things we have done to other people," he said.

    So, he continued, awareness would grow, as an attempt to introspect in improving themselves while fostering a sense of love, affection for others. And in the end, Ukhuwah Islamiyah will grow that is strong in building the civilization of the Ummah.

    Accelerator "West Java Born Champion Inner"

    Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said he interpreted the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad as a moment of unity. Where in the Mawlid activity, the congregation will gather, share the knowledge of religion, stay in touch, and strengthen brotherhood.

    "Religious knowledge is obtained, coupled with the close friendship will accelerate the community towards West Java, the Born Birth Champion," said the Deputy Governor of Uu at the Commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1440 H, at the Atta 'Awun Mosque, Raya Puncak Street KM.90 Bogor Regency, Tuesday (11/27/18).

    Uu said, during the administration of Ridwan Kamil - Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, the West Java Provincial Government did not just "crack", or accelerate physical or physical development, but the development of human morals was not forgotten.

    "So that not only is we outwardly struggling, we encourage success, including the mind, morals through the gathering of the people, in the recitation. Therefore the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad is a moment to fulfill the success of the West Java Born and Inner Champion," he said.

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