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    The Media Has a Great Role in Bringing the Quality of Democracy


    BANDUNG-The press as a mainstream media plays a good and responsible role so the election will run well where the press must make a major contribution to quality elections. This was stated by the Commissioner of the West Java Regional Election Commission (KPU), Idham Kholiq.

    According to Idham, the role of the media in the General Election certainly cannot be separated from the Journalistic Code of Ethics and Law number 40 of 1999 concerning the Press which states that the press has the function of informing, educating, entertaining and social supervision which must be the media's handle in facing the 2019 Election.

    "I am very confident that the role of mainstream media is very strategic," said Idham, in a discussion with the theme "The Active Role of Media in Realizing the Sovereign, Honest and Fair 2019 Elections", Monday (11/26).

    Idham stated, the amount of hoax news spread on a number of social media certainly could be covered by mainstream media by informing objective news and truthfulness.

    "Today's election is in the shadow of a hoax and only mainstream media or journalist colleagues become the main source of information," he said.

    Therefore according to Idham, in every socialization, his party always asks the public to find information from media that can be trusted by the news.

    "When conducting socialization, make sure the information you receive is from reliable media. So the role of the media is how to ensure that information circulating in the community is objective information that has criteria for journalistic elements," he said.

    Idham stated that the media as agents of socialization were inseparable and had a role in how to ripen the quality of people's democracy by educating voters through information provided accurately and objectively.

    "Talking about media democracy has a role in how to ripen the quality of democracy itself by educating voters through the information provided accurately and objectively," he concluded. (Parno)

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